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CL3’s Company For Event Engineering

March, 2013

Loughborough-based conference and event production company Event Engineering has recently upgraded its audio inventory to ensure that it continues to deliver the excellence that its high profile corporate clients demand. Naturally, this new equipment has included a Yamaha CL series digital console.

Supplied by SSE Audio Group, Event Engineering invested in a CL3 console and Rio3224-D i/o unit after the company’s Operations Manager, Jim Brown, attended a demonstration day at SSE's Redditch headquarters.

"We are convinced that the CL series will become the standard conference desk, due to its high input count and compact form factor," says Jim. "The CL3 surface was our choice as the perfect balance of size vs input faders. Additionally, the system’s Dante networking gives us great scope for distributing audio inputs and outputs. The multitrack recording facility is also a great bonus."

The Yamaha equipment didn’t have long to settle in at Event Engineering’s premises, however. Less than an hour after delivery it had been sent out on its first job - a training conference for telecommunications company Everything Everywhere.

"To service our current work we’ve been hiring equivalent systems to the CL Series, so investing in one has also meant we’ve been able to eliminate a large amount of sub hire,” Jim continues.

"We have already noticed an increase in enquiries as word has spread that we’ve made the purchase. The announcement of this investment also makes a statement about the intent of our company - to provide excellent technical solutions using top quality equipment."


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