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Yamaha NUAGE Advanced Production System and Commercial Installation Solutions receive 2013 Good Design Award

Oct, 2013

The NUAGE Advanced Production System introduced in November 2012 and Commercial Installation Solutions products that began shipping this year, including the MTX Series matrix processors, XMV Series power amplifiers, VXC Series ceiling speakers, and VXS Series surface-mount speakers, have received the prestigious 2013 Good Design Award.

The Good Design Award is part of a comprehensive design promotion program organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. The award and related “G-mark” symbol were established in 1957 by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (precursor to the current Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry), and have been a standard by which designs that contribute to society and industry have been honored for more than 50 years.

The judges made the following comments in relation to this year’s award:


“Sophisticated use of materials and coloring creates clear control panel segmentation that immediately appeals to the senses, promoting efficient, intuitive operation. Furthermore, a modular design makes it possible to assemble systems that are ideally suited to individual workflow and working environments, all configurations exuding the elegance of carefully crafted works of art. These products have the potential to change the studio working environment in a positive way.”

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Commercial Installation Solutions

“A functionally meaningful hexagon motif and streamlined overall design are behind the birth of a beautiful speaker system. It is clear that the functional motif pervading the lineup has been chosen not only to create visual continuity, but to provide enhanced sound quality as well. The thought and effort that have gone into providing user-oriented features such as easy connectivity without sacrificing sound quality or visual elegance are palpable.”

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The Yamaha design philosophy inextricably links design with functionality, and our efforts to create products that feature the most advanced and advantageous designs available will continue into the future.

Comment from Manabu Kawada, General Manager of Yamaha Design Laboratory
“The meaning of ‘good design’ has expanded considerably in recent years. More than simply denoting visual appeal, it now includes operability, system refinement, and other elements that define products overall. This broad approach to product evaluation is gradually being adopted by design media worldwide. Although the Good Design Award is basically a design award, it reflects the efforts of everyone involved, from conceptualization and development right through production. We are passionate about design, and will continue to create products that provide real value to our customers.”

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