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Acoustic Echo Canceller and Dugan Auto Mixing MY cards now compatible with MTX5-D processors

Jan, 2014

Shizuoka, Japan— Yamaha is pleased to introduce new firmware and application software for the MTX Series Matrix Processor— the core product of the “Commercial Installation Solutions” product line-up— making it compatible with MY4-AEC and Dugan-MY16 cards. These MY cards enable acoustic echo cancellation functionality which is required for distance conferencing, and Dugan auto mixing capability which has proven to be ideal for a variety of installation environments.

In 2012, Yamaha launched “Commercial Installation Solutions”, a new product lineup designed specifically for the commercial installation market, which saw the release of VXC Series Ceiling Speakers, VXS Series Surface mount speakers, XMV Series multi-channel power amplifiers and MTX Series Matrix processors. Now, with the launch of new software for the MTX Series processor, we are capable of adding a great deal of flexibility to the lineup, meeting the demands of a greater number of installed applications by providing users with a more comprehensive range of functionality. The new software enables compatibility with two MY cards that were previously available for use primarily with Yamaha's DME Series digital mixing engines. The MY4-AEC effectively eliminates unwanted acoustic echo that is caused by secondary signals of speaker output, or reflections from room surfaces that are common in teleconferencing applications. The MY4-AEC is also equipped with a noise reduction function that removes steady-state background noise caused by air conditioning components, projector fans etc. Once the card is installed, parameter settings can be controlled using the AEC window in MTX Editor.

The Dugan-MY16 card was developed by Dan Dugan Sound Design, helmed by automatic mixer inventor Dan Dugan, whose unique algorithm has spawned products that have become industry standards, lauded for their reliability and performance in broadcast studios, conference halls, and houses of worship, particularly in the United States. This original technology automatically optimizes the gain distribution of multiple faders simultaneously, allowing sound engineers to focus on their mix rather than being pre-occupied with keeping track of mic levels. Auto mixing parameters can be set using dedicated software that works in conjunction with MTX Editor and available for free download on the Dan Dugan Sound Design website.

“Since we released the MTX Series processors last year, there has been a very strong and positive reaction from the market regarding its impressive DSP power, and the scalability it provides when configuring a sound solution with amplifiers and speakers. We have also received a considerable number of requests from our customer base regarding certain functionality and capabilities that are relevant to their respective sound reinforcement applications” commented Chihaya “Chick” Hirai, business unit director of Yamaha Pro Audio. “By adding compatibility with these MY cards that are widely used with the high-end DME Series, we can broaden the variety of applications that the Commercial Installation Solutions lineup can accommodate, and offer the same powerful functionality at a lower cost to customers using the MTX5-D.”

The new firmware for the MTX Series and Editor software will be released in the middle of January and can be downloaded free of charge from the Yamaha web site

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