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“R Remote” Application for Windows Allows Remote R Series Head Amp Control

Feb, 2014

February 3, 2014, Shizuoka, Japan – Yamaha R Series I/O rack units have received accolades from around the world for their natural, musical sonic quality as well as their Dante audio networking capability and system flexibility. The new R Remote application for Windows makes it possible to remotely control R Series head amplifiers directly from a computer.

The R Remote application allows remote control of the head amplifiers in the Rio3224-D, Rio1608-D, and Ri8-D I/O rack units without the need for a CL series or similar digital mixing console with remote control capability.

A few examples of the possibilities this provides: you can create a live recording system with just R Series I/O racks and a computer running Nuendo Live or similar DAW software, combine R Series I/O racks with consoles that don’t support remote HA control such as the 02R96 or 01V96i (a Dante-MY16-AUD expansion card must be installed in the console), or operate Dante infrastructure independently from a console. The potential for advanced systems that provide enhanced portability and expandability is vast.

According to Mr. Chihaya “Chick” Hirai, PA department manager of Yamaha Pro Audio: “R Remote is an example of how feedback from the field can foster new possibilities in product concepts. A recording system with no console, or Dante infrastructure operation independent of the console: neither of these scenarios would have been be possible without R Remote. Our user base provided the inspiration for R Remote, leading to unprecedented system capabilities. We hope that as many users as possible will find this versatile new product valuable for their own applications.”

R Remote can be downloaded here.

System Examples:

1.A live recording system with no console.

2.R Series I/O with consoles that do not support HA remote

3.Dante infrastructure operated independently from a console

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