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EN54 Compliant Versions of VXC Series and VXS Series Commercial Installation Speakers to be Announced

Feb, 2014

February 4, 2014. Shizuoka, Japan – Yamaha will announce “VA” versions of the VXC series ceiling speakers and the VXS series surface-mount speakers for commercial installations at this year’s ISE 2014 show in Amsterdam. The VA versions are fully compliant with the European EN54-24 voice alarm system standard.

While retaining the outstanding sonic quality and ease of installation provided by the VXC and VXS series speakers, the VA versions add EN54-24 voice alarm system standard compliance so that a single speaker can optimally handle both music reproduction and emergency broadcast functions. The VA versions employ flame-retardant materials for the cabinet and baffle, ceramics for the speaker terminal support, and clamping covers on the rear panels to meet EN54-24 standard heat and moisture resistance requirements. A comprehensive lineup of 5 models and 10 variations means that appropriate types are available for applications of just about any scale and purpose.

“The VXC and VXS series speakers are already highly regarded in the industry, and now with the addition of EN54-24 compliant VA versions in a variety of sizes they will find use in an even wider range of applications” commented Chihaya “Chick” Hirai, PA department manager. “The VA versions are not only suitable for emergency broadcasts, but deliver excellent sound quality for music reproduction as well. A single speaker can perform dual functions, and we hope that this will contribute to reduced overall system cost and complexity for our customers.”

The available VA versions are:

* VA versions are not available in some regions.

VXC Series product page:

VXS Series product page:

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