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CL Series Digital Mixing Console Receives iF Product Design Awards, a Prestigious German Design Award

Feb, 2014

February 18, 2014, Shizuoka, Japan – CL Series digital mixing console has received iF Product Design Awards at the iF Design Awards 2014 in Germany (Host: iF Industrie Forum Design e.V., Hannover, Germany). The CL Series also received a Good Design Award and a Design for Asia Award, both for 2012.

Summary of Product

A new generation of digital mixers for live concerts, the CL Series has made great strides in sound quality, ease of use, functionality and reliability. This product meets the needs of both artists and sound engineers, with excellent playback of original sound and a wide variety of sound production functions. It is also extremely easy to use, allowing quick response to a wide range of on-site situations. The CL Series provides everything that a mixing console needs to be, created from today’s perspective and technology.

Comment from Designer

You don’t get chance to do it over with live music. At concerts where music is shared with a large number of people, there is an energy and a sensitivity between the musicians and the audience. This equipment is for the professionals who work behind the scenes to create the right balance between each and every sound and provide fine tuning. I hope that the design of this equipment will help those using it to produce wonderful music that moves those who hear it.

Design Features

The CL Series has Yamaha’s unique Centralogic™ layout where different usage methods and physical controls extend forward and to the sides, centering on an LCD touch screen with features that change in various ways. For an easy-to-read display, the graphics have been designed to enable an unbroken flow of operations across the gently curved panel, allowing comfortable eye and hand movements during operation. With a distinctive silhouette and fader knobs that are unique both in form and function, this product has a dynamic and sophisticated design.

iF Design Awards

Awarded for over half a century, since 1953, the iF Design Awards are a prestigious international design award for outstanding industrial product designs from around the world. The event is hosted by iF Industrie Forum Design e.V. in Hannover, Germany and comprises four categories: product design, communications design, material design and packaging design. The iF Product Design Award received by Yamaha’s products is awarded not only for creativity and innovation in design but from an overall viewpoint including functional aspects such as ease of use, quality and environmental friendliness. Over 4,615 products from 55 countries around the world were entered for this year’s iF Design Awards (overall total for all categories).
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