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Yamaha Nuage Captures Die Seer’s Ideas

June, 2014

First formed in 1996, Die Seer’s catchy fusion of folk, schlager, pop and rock music ensured that they rapidly became one of Austria’s most popular musical acts. It’s a position the band still enjoys and, with a new Yamaha Nuage system recently installed in their remote studio complex, the process of recording albums has become much more responsive.

In this installation the Nuage system is used mainly for music production and recording, rather than post-production for video and film. But it proves how the winning combination of Yamaha hardware and Steinberg’s Nuendo 6 DAW is making inroads into the lives of professional musicians, as well as video production houses.

The backbone of the installation is four custom-made workstations, with computers specifically designed to operate with Nuage as the controller and studio hub. Designed and installed by Austrian facilitators Pomtec and KS Music, the system was required to host hundreds of VST instruments and more than 20TB of samples, have enough capacity in the CPUs and audio I/O for future expansion and able to change sampling rates from 44.1kHz to 96kHz at the push of a button.

When writing and recording music, being able to capture ideas as they happen is particularly important for professional musicians. One of the main reasons the band chose Nuage is the way that it integrates the power of Steinberg’s Nuendo 6 DAW with Yamaha hardware control - this allows very fast, simple and intuitive operation of a system which, in their case, has many options and networked devices. It means that every idea and riff can be quickly captured, whatever the status of the system.

Another benefit of Nuage’s state-of-the-art design is the use of standard 24” inch monitors, which provide the largest possible overview of the Nuendo mix console and optimal access to all of its components.

“As well as delivering exceptional sound quality and very fast, intuitive control, one of the biggest advantages for us is the way that Nuage is a fully integrated system,” says producer Alfred Jaklitsch. “The only parts of the studio that are not now controlled direct from the Nuage workstations are some analogue processors. Apart from that, everything is easily ‘reachable’ from Nuage, making music recording and production a remarkably painless process.

“We are now in complete control of the recording process, unlike some systems where it feels like it is the other way round.”


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