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Yamaha Nuage Excellence Is Set In Stone

June, 2014

Founded in 2010, Stone Post Production is based in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Offering full video and audio services, with a main focus on television and advertising projects, a new Yamaha Nuage installation has radically enhanced one of the facility’s sound studios.

Founder Tomas Zavarsky has over 15 years experience in post production and as a director of TV commercials and promos. He opted to radically improve the company’s audio workflow by replacing a mouse and keyboard with the much faster, more flexible and intuitive control solution offered by Nuage. The installation also included a Dante audio network, using the Nuage PCIe card and interfaces.

“We have been using Steinberg Nuendo in audio post production for about seven years,” he says. “We knew that one of the best ways to make our audio DAW work most cost-effective is to control it with a physical console. It makes the workflow a lot quicker, which helps us to be very efficient, ensuring our clients get their projects on time.

“However, having tried other consoles before, nothing fitted our needs perfectly. But when we tried Nuage, we found it was so much better for us than any other post production system. Right from the start it delivered what we needed. It has features we consider essential for our projects, which already we would not want to work without. These include the Dante interfaces, which we love.

“Nuage works perfectly with Nuendo, while the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the whole system was a significant factor in our choosing it.”

Tomas Greso, sound engineer at Stone Post Production with the Yamaha Nuage


Products NUAGE
Location Slovak Republic

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