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Nuage Is Master Of The SoundShack

Jun, 2014

Based in Hamburg, The Shack is one of Germany’s leading independent film and post-production studios, with clients ranging from car manufacturers to advertising agencies and business consultants. When audio department The SoundShack recently upgraded its technical facilities, Yamaha Nuage was the choice.

“We were looking for a very console-like DAW control system, but most of today‘s midsized DAW controllers don’t offer enough faders,” says SoundShack Tonmeister Konrad Peschmann. “Nuage Fader and Nuage Master provide all the necessary tools at hand. My partner engineers Hannes Mieleke and Tobias Sauer and I like the look, feel and user experience, I love the direct response of the system and the high grade of integration into Steinberg Nuendo.

“Of course I also have total belief in the reliability of Yamaha equipment and their ongoing commitment to product support and updates.”

The system was supplied by Digital Audio Services (DAS), whose Thomas Römann says, “Konrad has been working with DAW controllers for Nuendo for quite while, so switching to Nuage seemed a logical choice.

“The main requirements were to provide more information per channel (such as scrolling waveforms); faster and more intelligent channel to fader management and navigation; better plug-in control and as many faders as possible in a reasonable footprint and price-range.

“Convenient control-room and comms functions were almost as important for a fast and seamless workflow, so making extensive use of the corresponding functions in Nuendo and Nuage helped to set up the whole studio with practically no additional hardware. This resulting in reduced complexity and a very streamlined working environment, achieved at surprisingly low cost.”


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