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NUAGE System Compatibility

Please make sure to use the appropriate versions of NUAGE system components which are compatible with each other, referring to the following compatibility charts. Using an unsupported component combination may result in malfunction.

Firmware and Software


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We Chose Nuage

Setup Guide

Nuage Setup Guide (Version 1.8)

This guide walks you through the process of the placement of each unit, software installations and configurations, as well as the connections and configurations of peripherals and other systems and so on.

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System Design Resources

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Yamaha Design "Synapses"

Yamaha Design site "Synapses" describes connections between products and concept keywords.

Installation Case

John Penn is an independent film/music composer, 3D sound designer, producer, media-tech entrepreneur, and owner of Undercurrent Labs, the company he founded in 2011.

Installation Case

Bing Bang Boom! In Spokane, WA specializes in integrated music and sound design for film, television, advertising, video games, and the Internet. Their award-winning work can be heard on projects for CBS, ABC, NBC, Spike TV, HBO, Warner Bros. Films, and many blockbuster theatrical trailers.