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* Nuage Version 1.8 is available on downloads page.

Ideal Environment for Dolby Atmos Mixing

Nuage software version 1.8 provides full support for the VST MultiPanner 3D surround plug-in included with Steinberg’s Nuendo 7.1 DAW. The VST MultiPanner interface is faithfully reproduced on the Nuage Master touch screen, providing an ideal environment for Dolby Atmos surround production and bringing Nuage up to speed with today’s fastest-growing immersive surround format.

VST MultiPanner makes it possible to work on a 9.1 channel bed mix and an object mix with up to 118 audio objects via a single display. As a project progresses the operator can switch between bed and object modes without having to redo the panning. Top View and Rear View displays make it easy to visualize the positions of audio images within the sound stage in three dimensions. A comprehensive selection of panning trajectory presets is also provided for smooth, efficient sound design. Move up to Nuage Version 1.8 and experience the cutting edge of 3D audio.

* A Dolby Rendering and Mastering Unit (RMU) and Nuendo RMU Connector for Dolby Atmos® are required for object mixing. Details here.

* More details on VST MultiPanner features and operation can be found here.

1. Support for Nuendo 7 and its Improved Workflow

At the heart of the Nuage system is Steinberg Nuendo, an audio post production DAW that is a favorite with sound designers, mixing/recording engineers, and editors for its blazing editing speed, efficiency enhancing convenience, unrivalled sonic quality, and rock-solid stability.
The latest version of Nuendo adds VCA faders, support for game audio middleware, and other advanced features that provided an enhanced workflow.

  • Game Audio Connect: Fast, easy transfer of audio assets from Nuendo 7 to Audiokinetic Wwise middleware
  • Integrated ReConforming solution: Automatic re-editing of audio projects according to picture changes
  • Advanced project collaboration: Audio track import from other Nuendo projects from within an open Nuendo project
  • VCA faders for audio-post workflows: VCA fader automation using Nuendo routing operation patterns (independently from linked groups)
  • Render in place / render export: Allows any selected audio files to be rendered to a new audio track, and any selected audio files to be exported to a disk destination, including numerous individual options such as naming conventions
  • New plug-ins, updated plug-ins, and new plug-in manager: Quadrafuzz V2, Multiband Expander, Multiband Envelope Shaper, and VST Bass Amp

2. Speed and Convenience – Enhanced operation

Nuage has always been more than just a DAW controller because of its deep integration with high-level DAW software, but Nuage Version 1.7 goes even further with improved access to a variety of important functions. The following are a few of the improvements included in the Version 1.7 update that contribute to greater control and efficiency.

  • Automation mode setup and switching from the Nuage Master Channel Control page.
  • Multi Function Knob click level and click pan can be changed from the Nuage Master Control Room and Cue pages. Plug-ins can be inserted in the Control Room buses.
  • Section Control and Channel View Control can be customized. (for VCA assignments, etc.)
  • Support for the JL Cooper eBOX and eBOX GPI8 GPI interfaces. Remotely controllable from the Nuage Master.

3. Improved Avid Pro Tools Control

Nuage can switch between as many as three connected DAWs. Of course those DAWs can be Steinberg Nuendo or Cubase, but with the dedicated NUAGE PT Bridge driver Avid Pro Tools installations can be used as well. In response to requests from Pro Tools users, Nuage Version 1.7 expands the functionality of the NUAGE PT Bridge driver for even greater control and convenience.

  • Using the Plug-in Panel shown on the monitor display as a guide, the Nuage Fader Multi Function Knobs can be used for Pro Tools plug-in control.
  • The twelve Nuage Master User Assignable Buttons can be assigned to Pro Tools shortcut keys, allowing the user to use familiar shortcuts directly from the Nuage system.

* Nuage Version 1.7 supports Pro Tools 10~12 and Pro Tools HD 10~12 (Mac versions only).
* Nuendo or Cubase must always be assigned as DAW A. This means that a maximum of two Pro Tools instances can be connected to a Nuage system.
* Refer to the Nuage user’s manual for information on the Pro Tools parameters that can be controlled from Nuage.

Deeper Cubase Integration for Solid Music Production Support

Steinberg Cubase blends innovative technology with artistic capability in a powerful, intuitive music production tool. It has been a favorite with musicians, composers, and producers since its initial release in 1989.

The latest flagship version, Cubase Pro 8, offers VCA faders for high-level mixing and automation workflow, a Render In Place function that makes it easy to bounce MIDI and audio parts, Chord Pads that can assist composers with creative chord and pattern variations, and more. The latest audio technology combines with advanced music tools for an extraordinarily intuitive production workflow. Nuage V1.6 provides full support for all of these new features, with full access from Nuage Fader and Nuage Master units.

Dante/MADI Conversion Revolutionizes Device and Application Communication

The Nuage system uses IP based Dante network infrastructure for maximum system design flexibility and post-install expandability. Nuage V1.6 supports remote control of the RMio64-D Dante/MADI conversion audio interface, allowing selection of SRC, word clock sources, and other parameters via the Nuage display. This allows convenient audio communication with external devices that use the MADI format for significantly increased system expansion capability. Nuage becomes a powerful way to bridge the gap between production, broadcast, and live sound applications.

Tireless Pursuit of the Ideal Workflow

Our quest for software and hardware unification that will give our users enhanced operability and efficiency continues. Feedback from the field has led to the following new features.

  • Quick division of audio events within the selected range via a Nuage Master shortcut (SHIFT + SPLIT).
  • Stereo panner type selection (Stereo Combined or Stereo Balance) from Nuage Fader units.
  • Channel strip access to cut filter slope, gain, phase, HA high-pass filter, and +48V parameters.
  • Overall ON/OFF switching of selected channel inserts and dynamics bypass from a Nuage Fader or Nuage Master unit.

Remote Control of Dante Equipped R Series I/O Racks

It is now possible to remotely control the R Series preamplifiers (head amps) from the Nuage Fader and Master units. This not only provides a wider choice of I/O for the Nuage system, it also facilitates audio sharing with CL Series digital consoles via a Dante audio network. The R Series I/O rack units include a Gain Compensation function that automatically maintains constant output level at the digital stage even when analog gain changes are made remotely from a CL console or Nuage system, without disrupting input level settings at either device. (Nuage (Nuendo/Cubase) input level settings are handled within Nuendo/Cubase once Gain Compensation has been activated).

Quick Control and VST Instrument Access from Multi-function Display

The Nuage Master Multi-function Display touch screen now provides access to even more functions. In addition to the multitude of functions that is already available, the operator now has easy access to assigned Quick Control parameters as well the extensive variety of VST instruments for unprecedented sound creation capability.

Track Visibility

Track counts can reach the hundreds in large projects, so it is helpful to be able to organize what you see and what you don’t for maximum efficiency. Nuage version 1.5 now links to the new Nuendo 6.5 / Cubase 7.5 Track Visibility function, making it possible to specify which tracks will appear on the display.

* Further details are available here.

Multi-function Knob Super Fine Mode

Each Nuage channel strip includes two Multi-function Knobs. Rotating a knob while pressing the knob itself as well as the MODIFIER SECTION [SHIFT] key engages a Super Fine Mode in which parameter adjustment resolution is up to 512 times greater than normal.

Expanded ADR Functions

The Nuage TRANSPORT section can already be switched to ADR mode for smooth additional dialog recording, but the version 1.5 update also provides support for the improved ADR functionality in Nuendo 6.5. Free Run and status indicator switching from the Nuage Master unit as well as other additions offer significantly enhanced operation.

* Further details are available here.

Pro Tools HD Control Under the Latest Mac OS

Up to three Steinberg Nuendo/Cubase or Avid Pro Tools DAWs can be connected to a Nuage system and selected as required. The Nuage PT Bridge driver for Pro Tools control included with this update is compatible with OSX 10.9, providing full support for Pro Tools on the latest Mac platforms.
* Only one Pro Tools DAW can be controlled at a time. There are differences between the Nuendo/Cubase and Pro Tools parameters that can be controlled from Nuage.

Working with Pro Tools Video

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