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    Yamaha Nuage Brings Perfect Post Performance To Madrid’s DRAX audio

    During the 1970s, 80s and 90s Eurosonic studios, in the centre of Madrid, was one of Spain’s premier recording studios. Since 2011 it has been given a new lease of life by DRAX audio, the latest technical upgrade featuring the installation of a Yamaha Nuage recording and post-production system.

    • Madrid, Spain
    • Jun, 2018

    Staying Composed: Nuage Helps Gerd Schuller To Deliver Music Faster

    Audio technology offers many advantages to modern composers. However, the most important thing is that it must not get in the way of the creative process. This is why leading Austrian television and film composer Gerd Schuller has chosen to upgrade his studio with a Yamaha Nuage system.

    • Austria
    • Jul, 2018

    Nuage And Nuendo Are The Clearcut Choice For Leading London Studio

    Currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, Clearcut Sound Studios is one of London’s premier post-production facilities. Its clients include leading advertising agencies and broadcasters, the company working with television, radio, cinema and online media. A fast, dependable workflow is essential, which is why the business relies on Yamaha Nuage and Steinberg Nuendo.

    • London, UK
    • Sep, 2018

    Frei Audio Tonstudio Celebrates 15 Years With New Nuage System

    After 15 years of success in the Austrian post-production industry, Frei Audio Tonstudio has celebrated by making a major investment in a brand new mixing system. The studio’s existing system was centred on a Yamaha DM2000 digital mixer and Steinberg’s Nuendo DAW, so a Yamaha Nuage system was the obvious upgrade.

    • Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria
    • Feb, 2017

    Four Yamaha Nuage Systems Are The New Voice Of SMP Amsterdam

    When you’re an award-winning music agency with a worldwide hit television show on your hands, you need the very best equipment to ensure composers can work quickly and without the technology getting in the way of their creativity. This is the reason why SMP Amsterdam recently invested in four new Yamaha Nuage systems.

    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Mar, 2017

    Yamaha Nuage Helps MWA Sound Maximise Its Efficiency

    With Steinberg Nuendo software being a fundamental part of many post-production facilities, accessing its array of tools in a fast, natural way helps them to satisfy the ever-shortening timescales that clients demand. Germany’s MWA Sound has chosen Yamaha’s Nuage system to harness Nuendo as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    • Soltau, Germany
    • May, 2017

    My Nuage And Me: Temple Of Tune Invests In Second Yamaha System

    In 2014 Fredo Gevaert, owner of Belgian studio Temple of Tune, invested in a Yamaha Nuage post-production system, saying “It’s been like switching from flying an aircraft with a mouse and keyboard to flying it from within a real cockpit.” It was such a success that he immediately started planning for a second Nuage system, which has recently been installed.

    • Kuurne, Belgium
    • Jun, 2017

    Award-winning Toronto-based ImagesInSound Moves Up To Yamaha NUAGE

    Award winning audio post-production facility, ImagesInSound in Toronto, Canada, purchased a 32-fader Yamaha NUAGE Advanced Production DAW System with master section for the facility’s largest dubbing stage.

    • Toronto, Canada
    • Aug, 2017

    Yamaha Nuage Systems Train Tomorrow’s Engineers At SAE

    Yamaha has a strong focus on helping to train audio professionals of the future, whether via the company’s YCATS training programme or working with other companies and education providers. A new initiative with global education provider SAE Creative Media Institute has seen the company’s state-of-the-art Nuage systems installed at SAE campuses in London, Milan, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Hannover, with more to follow.

    • Hamburg, Germany and Milan, Italy
    • Dec, 2017

    Nuage the Perfect Choice for New Globo TV Series

    Nuage impresses the engineer in charge of recording the orchestral soundtrack for a major Brazilian TV series.

    • Brazil
    • Mar, 2016

    Yamaha Nuage Helps Radio France Look To The Future

    French public service broadcaster Radio France delivers a wide range of news, information and entertainment via its six national stations and France Bleu, a network of 44 regional stations. It is also committed to investigating and developing innovative new broadcast methods, which is why the company recently invested in a Yamaha Nuage mixing system.

    • France
    • Apr, 2016

    Nuage Empowers Media Students at Seamedu in Pune, India

    The Seamedu School of Pro-Expression was established in Pune, India, in 2008 to provide world-class training for sound engineers and producers in digital filmmaking, animation, game design, visual effects, sound design, broadcast media, and broadcast journalism. The school offers comprehensive facilities and curricula, and has launched many successful careers since 2009.

    • India
    • June, 2016

    Beyond the Telephone: ATS Studio in Lyon Installs Yamaha Nuage

    ATS Studio produces hundreds of thousands of phone messages each year, and is the leading French provider in the field. Clients include France Telecom, Orange, Nextira, Spie, and also the Société Générale, SAMU, and National Gendarmerie. There also tens of thousands of SMEs who entrust ATS Studio to broadcast announcements via their audio standards and servers.

    ALL IN ONE – Newly Conceived With NUAGE

    In the ancient masonry of the former steelworks Radwerk XIV which dates from the 16th century, the company POMTEC has developed an All-in-One studio-concept for the Radwerk 14 studios, which covers all main-areas of audio-production on the base of Yamaha´s NUAGE. With the current versions of Nuendo6.5 and Cubase Pro8 this studio-model will also serve as Austria´s NUAGE demo facility.

    • Austria
    • Mar, 2015

    Leading Spanish Composer/Producer Chooses Yamaha Nuage

    Lorenzo Cortés is one of Spain’s highest profile composers and producers, with a career of over 20 years of music production for television, radio and the internet. For his newly-upgraded studio, he wanted a production system that would allow him to focus exclusively on the creative process. Yamaha Nuage was the answer.

    Yamaha and Steinberg Is The Perfect Pairing For Dizale

    Based in Plouhernel, Brittany, audio production facility Dizale is enjoying a steady increase in its dubbing and post-production workload. To help deliver projects as efficiently as possible, the company has invested in a Yamaha Nuage post-production system.

    • Brittany
    • Aug, 2015

    Genesis Of Inspiration - Nuage Mixes The Musical Box

    Although initially aimed at post-production facilities, the many advantages of Yamaha’s Nuage control system have also been noticed by the music production industry, with the result that an increasing number of studios is adopting Nuage. One example is The Musical Box in Roeselare, Belgium.

    • Belgium
    • Oct, 2015

    Nuage Contributes to Higher Education at HAW Hamburg

    Yamaha NUAGE has become the centre of post-production at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg), Faculty of Design, Media and Information, Department of Media Technology.

    • Hamburg
    • Nov, 2015

    Yamaha Nuage Aids ArtEffect’s Art

    ArtEffect Audioproduktion is a Cologne-based audio post-production studio, specialising in cinema and television blockbusters, documentaries, series and trailers. Recently it’s owner Peter Schröder invested in a Yamaha Nuage post-production system, which he is so satisfied with that a second one is likely to follow soon.

    • Germany
    • Dec, 2015

    G-Martell College Offers Cutting-edge Training with Nuage

    “The Nuage system represents cutting edge technology that provides an innovative platform for the industry.” – Hugo Gutierrez, Audio Academic Director

    • Mexico City, Mexico
    • June, 2014

    Las Vegas Production Company High Jumps with Yamaha Nuage System

    Dog & Pony Studios in Las Vegas has been in business for 11 years with its primary focus on audio post, sound design, composition, and audio for games. Clients include MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, Skechers, and Aristocrat Technologies, to name a few. Recently, the company raised the bar by installing one of the first Yamaha Steinberg Nuage DAW systems in the U.S. RSPE Audio Solutions in Toluca Lake, California installed the system.

    • Las Vegas
    • Jun, 2014

    Highland Park United Methodist Church Installs Yamaha NUAGE DAW, CL Digital Console

    “No other manufacturer has an option that fit our needs more perfectly.”
    Highland Park (Texas) United Methodist Church (HPUMC) recently installed a Yamaha NUAGE Digital Audio Workstation system for recording and post work along with a Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console for front of house mixing in the sanctuary.

    • Texas, USA
    • May, 2014

    Nuage Gives Philbeat of Singapore a Creative Boost

    “Direct control lets me spend more time on the creative process.” – Philip Tan, multimedia creator

    • Singapore
    • June, 2014

    Nuage Is Master Of The SoundShack

    Based in Hamburg, The Shack is one of Germany’s leading independent film and post-production studios, with clients ranging from car manufacturers to advertising agencies and business consultants. When audio department The SoundShack recently upgraded its technical facilities, Yamaha Nuage was the choice.

    • Hamburg
    • Jun, 2014

    Temple Of Tune Flies High With Nuage

    Established in 1990 in the Belgian municipality of Kuurne, Temple of Tune specialises in television, film, corporate promos and radio commercials. With owner Fredo Gevaert always striving to improve the facility’s service, his investment in a Yamaha Nuage system has reaped immediate dividends.

    • Belgium
    • June, 2014

    Yamaha Nuage Captures Die Seer’s Ideas

    First formed in 1996, Die Seer’s catchy fusion of folk, schlager, pop and rock music ensured that they rapidly became one of Austria’s most popular musical acts. It’s a position the band still enjoys and, with a new Yamaha Nuage system recently installed in their remote studio complex, the process of recording albums has become much more responsive.

    • Austria
    • June, 2014

    Yamaha Nuage Excellence Is Set In Stone

    Founded in 2010, Stone Post Production is based in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Offering full video and audio services, with a main focus on television and advertising projects, a new Yamaha Nuage installation has radically enhanced one of the facility’s sound studios.

    • Slovak Republic
    • June, 2014

    Yamaha Nuage Wins Another Award

    Yamaha’s Nuage post-production system has won another award, topping the category of Best Audio Technology for Recording, Post Production and ProAudio at a new annual awards ceremony hosted by Spanish broadcast and AV magazine Panorama.

    • Madrid
    • June, 2014

    Italy’s Biggest Commercial Broadcaster Adopts Nuage

    Yamaha and Steinberg’s state-of-the-art Nuage post-production system is now seeing adoption by broadcasters across Europe. One of the most high profile of these is Mediaset, Italy’s biggest commercial broadcaster.

    • Cologno Monzese
    • Jun, 2014

    Australia’s Newest Studio and Training Facility Selects Nuage, QL & R-Series

    Based in Newcastle, 90º Studio Training Facility is Australia’s newest commercial studio and training facility. The impressive array of courses are designed to appeal to anyone with an interest in music technology and recording – no matter the experience level. When it came to selecting the centrepiece of the control room, Nuage was the clear choice.

    • New South Wales, Australia
    • Aug, 2014

    Leading German Studio Invests In Yamaha Nuage

    Founded in 1989 by recording engineer Hans-Joachim Kloock and sound engineer / Foley artist Arne Damman, Hamburg-based M&E Studios GmbH provides post-production services to all of the major German television production companies. Long-term users of Steinberg Nuendo DAW software, the studio has recently invested in a Yamaha Nuage system, which has made a very positive difference to its workflow.

    • Hamburg
    • Aug, 2014

    Yamaha and Steinberg Help Bring Anne Frank’s Story To The Stage

    Commissioned by the Basel-based Anne Frank Foundation, Anne is the first production at the brand new, purpose-built Theater Amsterdam. Only the second time that one of the most famous and poignant accounts to emerge from the Second World War has been adapted for stage, Yamaha and Steinberg technology is ensuring the impact of the sound matches that of the large scale visuals.

    • Benelux
    • July, 2014

    Yamaha NUAGE Ignites Post Market in Spokane

    Bing Bang Boom! In Spokane, WA specializes in integrated music and sound design for film, television, advertising, video games, and the Internet. Their award-winning work can be heard on projects for CBS, ABC, NBC, Spike TV, HBO, Warner Bros. Films, and many blockbuster theatrical trailers.

    • USA
    • Oct, 2014

    Atlanta-Based Composer/Sound Designer Feels 'At Home' With Yamaha NUAGE

    John Penn is an independent film/music composer, 3D sound designer, producer, media-tech entrepreneur, and owner of Undercurrent Labs, the company he founded in 2011.

    • USA
    • Nov, 2014

    Southwestern Assembly of God Univ. Installs Yamaha NUAGE DAW System

    Located in Waxahachie, TX, Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) began as a regional bible school and later, added a junior college program.

    • USA
    • Nov, 2014

    Yamaha NUAGE Creates Less Of A “Grind” For LA Audio Post Facility

    Grind Music and Sound is a professional audio post-production facility located in Los Angeles, California.

    • USA
    • Dec, 2014

    Yamaha Nuage Helps Sammy Merayah Rediscover His Music Mojo

    Initially aimed at the post-production market, Yamaha’s Nuage system is also being adopted by music recording studios and composers, thanks to its fast, intuitive workflow and powerful features.

    • Brussels
    • Dec, 2014

    Emmy Award-Winning Studio Works Mouseless, Keyboardless with Yamaha NUAGE

    Jereco Studios is located in Bozeman, Montana, a small town located outside of Yellowstone National Park, and home to a unique, dense film and music community. The four-time Emmy® award-winning, commercial sound recording studio offers sync-to-film ADR and voice-over recordings with remote link up via ISDN or SourceConnect. Jereco is equipped for 5.1 and 7.1 Digital Surround Sound, Dolby E, DTS, and many other formats. In addition, the studio provides a full line of quality live sound reinforcement services and equipment rental packages.

    • Bozeman, Montana
    • November, 2014

    Ina EXPERT Invests In Yamaha Nuage

    The Institut National de L'audiovisuel (Ina) is one of the most important and influential multimedia and training organisations in France. For nearly 40 years it has been one of the top European training centres for AV and, more recently, the digital media professions. Recognising the importance of Yamaha’s flagship Nuage system to the audio post-production industry, Ina has recently added Nuage to its training portfolio.

    • Fr
    • July, 2013

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