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NUAGE Courseware

This courseware will teach you how to produce audio for post-production, music, game sound and any other type of multimedia using the Nuage system and its components. It will take you through the process of setting up a system, recording various types of projects, editing those projects into a final form and then mixing the projects in preparation for delivery in the final format. We will use real-world examples including lab material just for this course which can be interactively used with texts and tutorial videos. Hopefully you will find this experience rewarding and come out of it with a strong skill set that will allow you to pursue a career in audio production.


Open or download eBook, PDF, ePUB or MOBI

'50/50' (fifty-fifty) Film Project (3GB)

Download demo project for Nuendo 7

Courseware Contents

Read through the textbook with eBook, Tutorial videos.



Part I: Setting Up


  • Section Control

  • Flip Mode

  • Master Control Room Basics

  • Master Monitor Sources


  • Channel Setting Block Mode


  • Navigation Auto Scroll

  • Scroll Wheel

  • Navigation Scrub and Shuttle

  • Locators and Events


  • Mem Zap and Quick Zoom

  • Markers

  • Keypad Locating

  • Touch Slider


  • Channel Position and Lock

  • Channel Type Filters

  • Channel View Memory

  • Channel View Agents


  • Sync Project and Nuage View

  • Master Unit Track Navigation

Part II: Recording


  • 50/50 Project Setup

  • Importing Reference Video

  • Importing AAF Files

  • ADR: Markers and Video


  • Recording the Band Part I

  • Recording the Band Part II

  • Recording the Band: Cue Sends

Part III: Editing


  • Nuage Object Selection

  • Nuage Range Selection

  • Cut, Copy and Paste

  • Audio Event Editing


  • Nuage Move

  • Edit Mode Vs. Scroll Wheel

  • 50/50 Dialog Edit

Part IV: Mixing


  • Nuage Sends Routing

  • Group Channel Routing


  • 5.1 Speaker Calibration

  • Nuage Surround Panner

  • Surround to Stereo Downmix


  • Film Stem Routing


  • Nuage Automation Basics

  • Automation Lane Display

  • Automation Suspend Modes

  • Automation Write Modes


  • Automation Fill Modes

  • Automation Trim Mode

  • Automation Preview Mode

  • Automation Touch Assist

  • Automation Punch Log

  • Nuage VCA Channels

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