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Take total control over your amplifiers from a remote location.

Take total control over your amplifiers from a remote location.The ACD1 Amplifier Control Device provides a convenient, reliable means to connect a computer running Yamaha's advanced Amp Editor amplifier control and monitoring software to Yamaha Tn, PC-1N, XP, XM and XH series power amplifiers. A single unit of ACD1 allows you to remotely control and monitor up to 40 amplifiers, saving time consuming trips to and from amp racks, while providing you with necessary amplifier status information so you know how your amplifiers are doing every second of your show.

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Installation Case

Dolby® Atmos™ surround sound technology is taking the cinema audio experience to a new level, making current 5.1 and 7.1 systems seem simplistic in comparison. One of the first European installations of an Atmos system is at Kristiansand in Norway, where 54 Yamaha loudspeakers and 33 power amplifiers have been specified to deliver its exacting audio requirements.