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[Important Notice]

Please do not use the EEE function (*) of network switches in a Dante network.
Although power management should be negotiated automatically in switches that support EEE, some switches do not perform the negotiation properly. This may cause EEE to be enabled in Dante networks when it is not appropriate, resulting in poor synchronization performance and occasional dropouts.
Therefore we strongly recommend that:

1. If you use managed switches, ensure that they allow EEE to be disabled. Make sure that EEE is disabled on all ports used for real-time Dante traffic.
2. If you use unmanaged switches, make sure to not use network switches that support the EEE function, since EEE operation cannot be disabled in these switches.
* EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) is a technology that reduces switch power consumption during periods of low network traffic. It is also known as Green Ethernet and IEEE802.3az.


Dante Controller

- Facilitates setup of Dante networks and management of audio inputs and outputs.
- Windows and Mac platforms supported.
- Simultaneous monitoring and control from multiple PCs.
- No need to set IP addresses.
- Individual channel patching.

Dante Controller

Dante Virtual Soundcard

The software can be downloaded from the Audinate website
Allows direct audio input and output via a personal computer's Ethernet port.
- Supports ASIO (Windows) and Core Audio (Mac).
- 48/96 kHz sample rates and 16/24/32 bit depth supported.
- Can be customized for 2 ~ 64 in/out channels according to available machine power and the application.
How to get a DVS license with Dante-MY16-AUD

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User Guides

Manuals and related documents can be downloaded from the Audinate website.
- Dante Controller User Guide
- Dante Virtual Soundcard User Guide
- Dante-MY16-AUD2 User Guide v1.0
- Dante-MY16-AUD2 Getting Started Guide V1.1

Live Recording Guide via Dante

These guides show how quick and easy it is to achieve a high quality, live multi-track recording using a Yamaha digital mixer and Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo. You also need

You also need Template Files. for more information.

Dante-MY16-AUD & Rio Series HA Remote Control Guide

This guide describes the setup of a system where you remotely control the head amplifier of an I/O rack connected with the Dante audio network, via the Dante-MY16-AUD card inserted in a Yamaha digital mixer.


System Design Resources

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