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SoundGrid Server

CPUs dedicated exclusively to audio processing running a customized Linux OS that is optimized for real-time audio processing.

Visit Waves for more information.

MultiRack SoundGrid

The host application that gives you control over Waves plugins on the SoundGrid platform. Both Mac and Windows compatible, MultiRack SoundGrid consists of virtual effects racks, each of which can contain up to eight plugins.

Visit Waves for more information.

Waves' SoundGrid DSP Servers and Plugin Combos

WSG-Y16 v2 combos featuring SoundGrid DSP servers and fully SoundGrid-compatible plugins hand-picked especially for FOH and Monitor engineers - everything you need to take your show on the road. 

Visit Waves Live for more information.

Plugin Activation

In order to use Waves V9 plugins, you need to have active licenses on a computer or a USB flash drive. 

License activation instructions are available at Waves.

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