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16-Channel Optocore Network I/O Card


  • 16In/16Out Audio Channels through console slot (miniYGDAI)
  • Word clock from/to YGDAI slot, from/to Network and word clock transport to any device in the network
  • 10/100 MBit Ethernet Virtual Switch to any Optocore device featuring Ethernet
  • 2 RS422 ports for direct transport of Yamaha HA Remote protocol via Optocore
  • 1 "Sub" port to connect to YS2 card for enlargement of audio channels up to 64In/64Out (32In/32Out @ 96kHz)
  • 2 pluggable optical LC Transceivers, single- or multimode is user changable
  • 1 RS232/1USB port for Optocore Control Software
  • Upgradeable internal logic


General Specifications
Channel Count 16IN / 16OUT
*Expandable to 64 in / 64 out with YS2 expansion cards
Format Optocore
Resolution 24 bit
Connector 2x LC (single-/multi-mode) connectors for Optocore network
2x RJ-45 connectors for YS2 card
1x D-sub 9 pin for RS232-C/USB

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