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48 channels of digital audio each way over a single Cat-5 Ethernet cable

The NAI48-ES is a digital interface that lets you transfer up to 48 digital inputs and 48 digital outputs between console and stage or any other location via a single Cat-5 Ethernet cable. 48 AES/EBU inputs and 48 AES/EBU outputs are provided via 25-pin D-sub connectors. The AES/EBU inputs and outputs can be directly connected to a wide variety of digital front-end devices such as Yamaha AD8HR 8-channel remote head amps for top-quality line or microphone input, as well as a range output gear.

EtherSoundâ„¢ Networking

The NAI48-ES employs EtherSound networking technology to transfer multiple channels of digital audio over standard Ethernet cable with extremely low latency. This advanced, easy-to-manage protocol is designed to handle up to 64 channels of digital audio, and will easily transfer 48 channels of 24-bit 48-kHz audio in both directions over distances up to 100 meters with appropriate high-performance cables. The most convenient way to add EtherSound capability to Yamaha digital mixing consoles is to install one or more AuviTran AVY16-ES EtherSound cards in the console's Mini-YGDAI card slots, according to the performance and channel capacity required. Then you can simply connect a standard Cat-5 Ethernet cable between the console and NAI48-ES to transfer all audio channels plus remote control signals for compatible devices such as the AD8HR remote head amplifier. You can even use standard Ethernet hubs and routers to create any network configuration that suits your needs.

Uncompromising Yamaha Quality, Compatibility, and Reliability

The NAI48-ES is not the only network device of this type, but it is without a doubt the best choice if maximum quality and economy are important criteria. The NAI48-ES delivers superior digital audio performance and networking capability at a cost that cannot be matched at the current time. And because it's designed with Yamaha Commercial Audio sound equipment in mind you can rest assured that it can be set up with minimum hassle and will operate trouble-free. For even further reliability assurance you can use the internal power supply plus an external redundant power supply unit for dual failsafe operation.

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