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Technical Specifications of Rio/Tio

Rio3224-D Rio1608-D Ri8-D Ro8-D Tio1608-D
Sound Philosophy Natural Sound Concept
Grade Inherit the sublime sound of PM series - D-PRE
Sampling Rate 44.1/48/88.2/96kHz 44.1/48kHz
Indicators Sig, Peak, +48V Sig +48V
Gain Compensation Supported - N/A
HA Control Redundancy from CL/QL consoles Supported - N/A
(Primary only)
Controllability from R Remote software Supported
Maximum number of units using HA remotes per system Up to 8 - Up to 3
AD8HR mode (HA control from M7CL and LS9) Supported - N/A
Analog Inputs 32 16 8 0 16
Analog Input Connector XLR-3-31 Type - Combo Jack
Analog Outputs 16 8 0 8 8
AES/EBU Outputs 8 (4ST) 0 0 0 0
AC Inlet V-Lock Type Normal
Heights 5U 3U 1U 1U 2U

General Specifications

Model Rio3224-D Rio1608-D Ri8-D Ro8-D
Sampling frequency rate External 44.1kHz: +4.1667%, +0.1%, -0.1%, -4.0% (±200ppm)
48kHz: +4.1667%, +0.1%, -0.1%, -4.0% (±200ppm)
88.2kHz: +4.1667%, +0.1%, -0.1%, -4.0% (±200ppm)
96kHz: +4.1667%, +0.1%, -0.1%, -4.0%
Signal delay Less than 3ms INPUT to OUTPUT, connect with CL5 using Dante, Dante Receive Latency set to 0.25ms (one way), Fs=48kHz
Total harmonic distortion Less than 0.05% 20Hz-20kHz@+4dBu into 600Ω, Fs=44.1kHz, 48kHz
Less than 0.05% 20Hz-40kHz@+4dBu into 600Ω, Fs=88.2kHz, 96kHz
INPUT to OUTPUT, Input Gain = Min.
Frequency response +0.5, -1.5dB 20Hz-20kHz, refer to +4dBu output @1kHz, INPUT to OUTPUT, Fs=44.1kHz, 48kHz
+0.5, -1.5dB 20Hz-40kHz, refer to +4dBu output @1kHz, INPUT to OUTPUT, Fs=88.2kHz, 96kHz
Dynamic range 108dB typ., INPUT to OUTPUT, Input Gain = Min
Crosstalk -100dB, adjacent INPUT/OUTPUT channels, Input Gain = Min.
Power requirements US/Canada: 120V 60Hz, Japan: 100V 50/60Hz, China: 110-240V 50/60Hz, Korea: 220V 60Hz, Other: 110-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 120W 70W 35W 35W
Dimensions W 480mm (18 7/8in) 480mm (18 7/8in) 480mm (18 7/8in) 480mm (18 7/8in)
H 232mm (9 1/4in) 144mm (5 3/4in) 44mm (1 3/4in) 44mm (1 3/4in)
D 362mm (14 1/4in) 361.5mm (14 1/4in) 362mm (14 1/4in) 359mm (14 1/8in)
Net weight 12.4kg (27.3lb) 8.8kg (19.4lb) 4.5kg (9.9lbs) 4.4kg (9.7lbs)
Accessories Dante Virtual Soundcard license sheet - -
Others Temperature Range: Operating temperature range: 0 - 40℃, Storage temperature range: -20 - 60℃

Analog Input Characteristics

Input Terminals GAINActual Load
For Use With
Input LevelConnector
NominalMax. before clip
1-32 (Rio3224-D)
1-16 (Rio1608-D)
1-8 (Ri8-D)
+66dB 7.5kΩ 50-600Ω Mics &
600Ω Lines
-62dBu (0.616mV)
-42dBu (6.16mV)
XLR-3-31 type (Balanced)*1
-6dB +10dBu (2.45V) +30dBu (24.5V)

*1. XLR-3-31 type connectors are balanced.(1=GND, 2=HOT, 3=COLD)
*2. In these specifications, 0dBu = 0.775 Vrms.
*3. All input AD converters are 24bit linear, 128times oversampling.
*4. +48V DC ( phantom power ) is supplied to INPUT XLR type connectors via each individual software controlled switch.

Analog Output Characteristics

Output Terminals Actual Source
For Use With
Max.Output Level
Select SW*4
Output LevelConnector
Nominal Max. before clip
1-16 (Rio3224-D)
1-8 (Rio1608-D, Ro8-D)
75Ω 600Ω Lines +24dB (default) +4dBu (1.23 V)
+24dBu (12.3V)
XLR-3-32 type (Balanced)*1
+18dB -2dBu (616mV) +18dBu (6.16V)

*1. XLR-3-32 type connectors are balanced.( 1=GND, 2=HOT, 3=COLD )
*2. In these specifications, 0dBu = 0.775 Vrms.
*3. All output DA converters are 24bit, 128times oversampling.
*4. There are switches inside the body to preset the maximum output level. *5. Rio3224-D only

Digital Input & Output Characteristics

Terminal Format Data length Level Audio Connector
Primary/Secondary Dante 24bit or 32bit 1000Base-T 24ch Input/32ch Output (Rio3224-D)
8ch Input/16ch Output (Rio1608-D)
8ch Output (Ri8-D)
8ch Input (Ro8-D)
etherCON Cat5e (Rio3224-D, Rio1608-D)
RJ-45 (Ri8-D, Ro8-D)

Digital Output Characteristics

Terminal Format Data length Level Connector
AES/EBU OUT 1/2 - 7/8 *1 AES/EBU Professional Use 24bit RS422 XLR-3-32 type (Balanced)*2

*1 Rio3224-D only
*2. XLR-3-32 type connectors are balanced.( 1=GND, 2=HOT, 3=COLD )

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Installation Case

Intec Systems recently completed major upgrades to the audio systems of two of New Zealand’s largest churches. Both installations were required to be easily re-configured depending on the requirements of each service with Dante providing the ideal connectivity solution.

Installation Case

Now in its 17th year, Italy’s La Notte della Taranta (Night of Tarantula) is both the country’s biggest music festival and its most important event dedicated to traditional culture. Three weeks of live concerts culminated in a huge show in the town of Melpignano, where four Yamaha CL and QL consoles weaved ancient and modern music seamlessly together.