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“R Remote” Application Software Allows Remote I/O Rack Head Amp Control

The R Remote application allows remote control of the head amplifiers in the Rio3224-D, Rio1608-D, Ri8-D, and Tio1608-D rack units without the need for a CL series or similar digital mixing console with remote control capability.

A few examples of the possibilities this provides: you can create a live recording system with just R Series I/O racks and a computer running Nuendo Live or similar DAW software, combine I/O racks with consoles that don’t support remote HA control such as the 02R96 or 01V96i (a Dante-MY16-AUD expansion card must be installed in the console), or operate Dante infrastructure independently from a console. The potential for advanced systems that provide enhanced portability and expandability is vast.

R Remote can be downloaded here.







System Examples

1. A live recording system with no console.

2. R Series I/O with consoles that do not support HA remote.

3. Dante infrastructure operated independently from a console.

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Installation Case

Intec Systems recently completed major upgrades to the audio systems of two of New Zealand’s largest churches. Both installations were required to be easily re-configured depending on the requirements of each service with Dante providing the ideal connectivity solution.

Installation Case

Now in its 17th year, Italy’s La Notte della Taranta (Night of Tarantula) is both the country’s biggest music festival and its most important event dedicated to traditional culture. Three weeks of live concerts culminated in a huge show in the town of Melpignano, where four Yamaha CL and QL consoles weaved ancient and modern music seamlessly together.