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Remote Parameter Editing with “R Remote”

R Remote is a software application that allows comprehensive remote editing of Rio3224-D2 and Rio1608-D2 parameters, as well as those of other Yamaha R-series I/O Racks. With R Remote, I/O Rack preamplifier parameter editing that would normally require a remote capable console such as RIVAGE PM, CL, or QL series can be carried out directly from a computer. This can be particularly convenient in systems that do not include a console.

With R Remote is possible to set up a live recording system with nothing more than an I/O Rack and a computer running Nuendo Live or other DAW software. It also becomes possible to use a console that is not capable of remote control, such as the 02R96 or 01V96i, with an I/O rack (the console must be fitted with a Dante-MY16-AUD2 card). Another possibility is operating fully patchable infrastructure independently without a console. 

R Remote can even be used to apply R Series firmware updates.

R Remote System Examples

1. A console-less live recording system

2. I/O Rack with console that does not support remote control

3. Console-less control of fully patchable audio network infrastructure

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