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In 1987 Yamaha developed a high-performance communications LSI by refining technology originally developed for digital audio signal processing LSIs. The first Yamaha network devices based on that technology were released in 1995. Here’s a brief review of the evolution that has taken place over our 20 years in the network device business in response to the growing needs of our customers.

SWP1 Series Designer Interview 

Digital audio networking is rapidly becoming an essential, convenience-enhancing element in live sound and other pro audio applications. Yamaha pro audio products with Dante audio networking capability, including the industry standard CL series digital mixing consoles, are leading the way. SWP1 series network switches are being introduced to take the evolution to the next level. The first Yamaha network router was introduced to the domestic market in 1995. Over the 20 years that followed, Yamaha brought IT and pro audio expertise together in some of the most innovative audio networking solutions available. In the following interview we discuss that background and some of the philosophy behind the SWP1 series network switches with key Yamaha pro audio designers.

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