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Computer-based 96-kHz recording

In this system the Yamaha 02R96 and a Digidesign ProTools® HD2 Accel setup are combined in a powerful recording and production system that provides as many as 64 input channels with up to 192 tracks at 48 kHz or up to 96 tracks at 96 kHz. Add to this the 02R96's advanced control surface features, and you have an extraordinarily powerful, efficient computer-based hard-disk recording system. You can combine the 02R96 with Steinberg's Nuendo® or Apple's LogicPro® workstation software, too. While the 02R96 functions as an advanced control surface for the software, it can also handle critical audio processing tasks as well as monitoring.

Connection with 96-kHz recorders Display

Although the 02R96 handles 96-kHz audio as standard, most of the currently available digital recorders can handle 96-kHz audio only in double channel mode (using 2 tracks to make one). In this configuration, the 02R96 uses one channel for one (96-kHz) track, but twice the number of I/O connections must be used. MY8-AT/TD/AE cards work in double channel mode to handle 96-kHz audio. The MY16-AT/TD/AE cards can handle 16 channels of 44.1 / 48-kHz audio or up to 8 channels of 96-kHz audio in double channel mode. With the latest equipment that handles 96-kHz audio as standard (in double speed mode like the 02R96) you can make standard connections using the MY8-AE96 card. The MY8-AE96 card can work either in double speed or double channel mode.

DVD Authoring (6.1 Surround Monitoring)

Both the 02R96 and Yamaha's MSP10 STUDIO powered monitor speakers have been officially approved for use in THX pm3™ Certified Studios, and are thus ideal choices for the most advanced DVD authoring applications. In the system shown here the 6.1 program is monitored via powered monitors and a subwoofer connected to the console's OMNI outputs (the 02R96 also includes bass management facilities for full-range playback). At the same time surround encoders and decoders can be inserted in the system to burn a stereo mix as well as the surround mix to Lt/Rt Master.

Stem Mix Monitoring

With the 02R96 monitoring stem mixes for film or video is easy. Even if your dialog, sound effects, music, and Foley sources are all in the form of 6.1 mixes, they can be combined and processed via the 02R96 without the need for any extra monitoring facilities.

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Installation Case

Located at the confluence of two major rivers, the Belgian city of Namur has been an important centre of trade and industry for centuries. Such locations also tend to become cultural centres and Namur is no exception. Recently the city’s main theatre - Théâtre Royal de Namur - installed a brand new Yamaha CL5 to replace its long-serving O2R96 mixing console.

Installation Case

After using two rented Yamaha M7CL digital mixing consoles on a trio of highly successful concerts with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra last year, British songwriter extraordinaire Paul Carrack was so impressed that he and his production team felt it was Time To Move On from their existing analogue sound rig. They went straight out and purchased a pair.