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The EMX makes noise when [PHANTOM +48V] switch is turned on or off, even though [LEVEL] for the channel(s) connected with device(s) is set minimum.

[PHANTOM +48V] switch works on all the channel at once. So switching on/off may cause noise if [LEVEL] of other channels are higher than the minimum level. Please set minimum all the [LEVEL] of stereo master, AUX 1 and AUX2.

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For which speaker models does the EMX7 have preset?

For these models.

  • CBR10 / CBR12 / CBR15
  • Club215V / 115V / 112V / M15V / M12V / M10V
  • A15 / A12 / A10 / A12M
  • R215 / R115 / R112 / R15M / R12M

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