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Comprehensive I/O in a Compact 2U Unit

With six mono analog inputs, four stereo analog inputs, and two stereo analog outputs plus a dedicated stereo output for recording, the IMX644 offers an ideal I/O configuration for small to medium size installations.

Easy Panel Operation and Memory Recall

The front panel features input and output level controls as well as four buttons for memory recall. These controls allow users who do not have any specialized knowledge to easily operate the mixer's main functions. The internal memory can store up to 16 mixer setups, four of which can be recalled directly from the front panel. Memory recall is particularly useful in general facilities such as event spaces and banquet halls where it allows appropriate settings for specific situations to be recalled in an instant.

Feedback Suppression on All Six Mono Inputs

Since the most likely sources for the mono inputs will be microphones, feedback suppression is provided on all six mono inputs. Both pre-settable filters and automatic detection systems are implemented for effective prevention of feedback under widely varying acoustic conditions.

Optical Digital Inputs for Direct Connection to Digital Sources

CD players, DVD players, and other audio sources that have optical digital outputs can be directly connected to the IMX644. Built-in sample rate conversion eliminates the need for word clock settings or synchronization.

Auto-ducking Gives Priority to Announcements

This feature automatically reduces the volume of the background music or other program material when input is applied to a specified channel. Auto-ducking is effective for a range of situations, from announcements to emergency broadcasts.

Precision Delays for Time Alignment

In large spaces where distances between speakers can cause the sound image to become "smeared" and indistinct, the IMX644 allows precise delays to be added to individual outputs to achieve tight focus and maximum sonic clarity throughout the listening area.

Dedicated "IMX644 Manager" Software Application

All mix parameters other than input and output levels can be controlled and set in detail via the IMX644 Manager application running on a compatible computer. The application's intuitive graphical interface makes setup and editing easy.

External Touch Panel and Controller Support

In addition to an RS232C connector for compatibility with AMX, Crestron, and similar external control devices, the IMX644 has a GPI interface that allows memory recall from external devices. This type of control flexibility makes the IMX644 an excellent choice for an extremely broad spectrum of pro audio installations and applications.

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