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General Specification

How many input channels and buses does PM5D have? And is it possible to expand it?

PM5D has 48MONO + 4ST inputs and 24MIX + 8MATRIX buses. And it can be expanded by cascading another PM5D or using DSP5D as shown below.

PM5D V2 ×1 48 4 24 8 2
PM5D V2 ×2 96 8 24 16 2
PM5D V2×1, DSP5D×1 96 8 24 16 2
PM5D V2×1, DSP5D×2 144 12 24 24 2

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Is it possible to use a stand-alone DSP5D as a mixer?

Yes. DSP5D can be used as a mixer which has similar mixing capacity as PM5D-RH, being controlled from DSP5D editor on a PC. However, DSP5D does not have control ports such as MIDI/GPI/RS422, so that it cannot work in conjunction with external equipments.

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How long is the latency time of audio signal through a PM5D?

The audio signal latency from a INPUT port to STEREO A/B port is as follows.

PM5D (@Fs = 48 kHz) : Less than 2.3ms
PM5D (@Fs = 96 kHz) : Less than 1.15ms
PM5D-RH (@Fs = 48 kHz) : Less than 2.5ms
PM5D-RH (@Fs = 96 kHz) : Less than 1.25ms

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Audio Input/Output

What kind of Mini-YGDAI card can be installed? Is there any unusable combination?

About the available combination of Mini-YGDAI cards, please refer to the following Mini-YGDAI Cards Matching page.

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How many AD8HRs can be connected with PM5D?

Up to 8 AD8HR units can be connected with a PM5D. When two PM5Ds are cascaded, naturally up to 16 units can be connected in total. To set up those, AES/EBU interface cards and cables are necessary for audio, and RS-422 cable is needed for remote control of HA Gain.

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It appears DCU5D uses EtherSound technology. Is it possible to connect it to other EtherSound devices?

AuviTran AVRed-ES can be inserted between DCU5D and DSP5D in order to enhance the redundancy. No other EtherSound devices can be inserted.
The communication between PM5D and DSP5D occupies data bandwidth in the EtherSound network. So please do not open the AVS-ES control page on AVS-ESMonitor while operation not to disturb PM5D - DSP5D command exchanges.

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Phantom power is not supplied even though the [+48V] button in input section is turned on.

In addition to [+48V] for each input port that can be set in the [HA/INSERT] function, [+48 Master] as a global switch need to be turned ON.

In PM5D-RH, please turn on the [+48V Master] switch on its rear panel.
In DSP5D, please turn it on in the [SYS/W.CLOCK] -> [MIXER SETUP] screen or the "Mixer Setup" window on the DSP5D Editor.

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Can I cascade PM5D V1 with PM5D V2?

No. In order to cascade two PM5Ds, they must be of the same version.
The V2 updater can be downloaded free of charge from Yamaha Pro Audio web site.

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Can multiple PM5Ds be cascaded?

Yes. Up to 4 PM5Ds can be cascaded. However, when cascading more than 3 PM5Ds, only daisy-chain connection is supported, so that the upper stream PM5D cannot use the audio signals fed from the down stream units.

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I'm using two PM5Ds. One is for sub mixer and the other is for main mixer. Is it possible to feed the signals mixed by the sub mixer to the main mixer via cascade cable?

Yes, it's possible.
At the sub mixer, 32 audio signals that are assigned to SLOT3/4 by OUTPUT PATCH function can be fed to the CASCADE port when "SLOT3/4" is selected as CASCADE OUT PORT in the [SYS/W.CLOCK] -> [MIXER SETUP] screen.
At the main mixer, incoming 32 audio signals at CASCADE port can be patched to the input channels as if they are received at the SLOT3/4 when "SLOT3/4" is selected as CASCADE IN PORT in the [SYS/W.CLOCK] -> [MIXER SETUP] screen.

Please note that by this setting input audio signals to SLOT3/4 of the main mixer cannot be patched to the input channels because they are designated as CASCADE input interface.

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What can I do by cascading DME-N with PM5D series

You can transfer up to 32 audio signals from MIX/AUX/BUS of PM5D to DME64N, so that DME64N can be utilized as a output processor (GEQ, Crossover, Delay, etc) or a matrix mixer.

In addition, PEQ/GEQ or various type of effect unit realized by DME64N can be inserted into an arbitrary channel of PM5D. Furthermore, it's possible to control parameters in some types(*) of DME-N components from PM5D LCD screen.

Please refer to "Cascade Setup Guide" for more detail.

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What kind of parameters/operations are linked between two cascaded PM5Ds or between PM5D and DSP5D?

Basically, almost all mixing parameters such as patch setting, EQs, Compressors and effect settings are independent between the cascaded units.
Also, parameters belonging to EQ LINK GROUP and COMP LINK GROUP are linked within an unit.

However, the following parameters/operations can be linked between the cascaded units by the settings in the [SYS/W.CLOCK] -> [CASCADE] screen.
- SCENE STORE/RECALL operation (*)
- DCA 1-8 parameters
- Mute Master 1-8 parameters
- Monitor operation like CUE/SOLO
- Operation mode like screen selection or ENCODER MODE selection

* Please note that this links SCENE STORE/RECALL operations between the units and SCENE data itself is stored to each unit.

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Can I apply delay to my headphone output?

Yes. By using Monitor Delay (0-1000ms), you can compensate the delay time between FoH and the stage.
Delay time can be configured at [MON/CUE] -> [MONITOR] screen -> MONITOR/CUE DELAY section.

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No signal is output from the Direct Output when the Direct Out Point is set to "POST ON". What should be checked?

You can keep the fader assignment by turning on AUTO ASSIGN button at the bottom of GEQ

Please check the following points.

- Did you turn up the fader?
- Did you turn ON the channel?
- Please check Insert setting too if the Insert Point is in front of the Direct Out Point.

In such a case, having an overview of signal path in [INPUT VIEW] -> [SIGNAL FLOW] screen makes it easier to find the cause.

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About Recall Safe function, what is the difference between "MIX SEND" for INPUT and "CH to MIX" for OUTPUT?

Both of "MIX SEND" and "CH to MIX" are used in order to exclude the Input to Mix parameters from Scene Recall. However the excluded scope differs from each other. Please choose depending on your purpose.

1) When "MIX SEND" for INPUT is selected.
The Send parameters from the selected input channel to the all MIX buses are excluded from recall. The excluded parameters are listed below.
  ・To Mix Follow Pan
  ・To Mix Pan
  ・To Mix ON
  ・To Mix LEVEL
  ・To Mix PRE/POST

2) When "CH to MIX" for OUTPUT is selected.
The Send parameters from the all input channels to the selected MIX bus are excluded from recall. The excluded parameters are listed below.
  ・To Mix Pan (Not excluded if the MIX bus type is paired.)
  ・To Mix ON
  ・To Mix LEVEL
  ・To Mix PRE/POST

For more detail about the correspondence relation between the Recall Safe setting and the excluded parameter kind, please refer to the appendices of  PM5D/DSP5D Owner's Manual.

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Studio Manager

What type of cables should be used between PM5D/DSP5D and PC?

When connecting PM5D with a PC, USB cable is required. Ethernet cable is unusable for PM5D.

Please use Category 5/5e Ethernet cables. It is recommended to use a STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) cable to prevent electromagnetic interference.
And either cross cable or straight can be used even if you connect DSP5D with PC directly.

*1. Use the PCMCIA slot on cascaded PM5D

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Is it possible to control a PM5D/DSP5D by multiple computers?

No. A PM5D/DSP5D unit can be controlled only by a single computer.
On the other hand, a single computer can control multiple PM5D/DSP5D units at the same time.

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Can PM5DV2 Editor run on Mac?

PM5DV2 Editor V2.2.6 or later can run on Intel Mac OS X.
PM5DV2 Editor V2.2.5 or earlier can run on Power PC Mac OS X.
In order to run V2.2.5 or earlier on Intel Mac OS X, please launch the editor from StudioManager that is started up using Rosetta. .

  Power PC Mac OSX Intel Mac OSX
PM5D V2 Editor V2.2.5 or earlier Yes Yes
V2.2.6 or later - Yes

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When adding PM5DV2 editor to the StudioManager workspace on Mac, it fails and shows an error message, "Following component could not be loaded.". How can I solve?

In order to run PM5DV2 editor V2.2.5 or earlier on Intel Mac, StudioManager must be started up using Rosetta. Before starting up StudioManager, open "Get Info" window for SM2 application and check the "Open using Rosetta" checkbox.

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USB-MIDI driver cannot be installed with an error message "An additional MIDI Driver cannot be installed on this computer. " How can I solve?

This is because the number of MIDI driver entry exceeds 10, the upper limit of Windows OS.
Especially Yamaha USB-MIDI driver consumes one entry for each USB port where a device is connected. So you may face this error message by connecting with a device using various USB ports.
In such a case, you have to uninstall unnecessary MIDI drivers from your PC. Regarding how to uninstall Yamaha USB-MIDI Driver, please refer to the installation guide contained in a zip file of USB-MIDI Driver that can be downloaded from Yamaha Pro Audio Site.

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USB-MIDI driver cannot be installed with an error message "The processor is not adequate for running Yamaha USB-MIDI Driver" How should I solve?

There are two types of USB-MIDI driver for 32bit Windows and 64bit Windows. Check your OS type and download the appropriate one and install it.

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PM5DV2 Editor and PM5D don't go ONLINE state. What should I check?

Check the following points:

- Are you using the appropriate version of PM5DV2 Editor that is matched with the PM5D's firmware version?
Please refer to the version matching table in Yamaha Pro Audio Web Site.

- Are you using the latest version of USB-MIDI Driver?

- Is the USB cable inserted correctly?

-On the MIDI settings of the Studio Manager, is the communication port selected correctly?

-On the System setup screen of the PM5DV2 Editor, is the communication port assigned correctly?

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When moving PM5D faders with a PC connected, the faders jump to unintended position. What is the cause?

Please check the MIDI "Thru ON/OFF" setting in the USB-MIDI Driver window. If it is set to "ON" wrongly, control commands go around between the PM5D and PC, so that PM5D cannot work correctly.

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Is it possible to control a PM5D from a PM5DV2 Editor remotely using Wireless solution?

PM5DV2 Editor is supposed to be used with wired USB cable. Wireless USB solution is not supported.

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Is it possible to control a PM5D/DSP5D from an iPad or any smart device?

No. Any application for PM5D/DSP5D remote control is not released.

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Data Files

I want to know about the data file compatibility between PM5D/DSP5D hardware and Editor software. Also, about the compatibility between V1 and V2.

Between PM5D/DSP5D hardware and Editor software, Console File format (.PM5) can be exchanged for bi-directionally.
And also a console file (.PM5) saved in V1 can be loaded into V2, conversely V2 console file cannot be imported into V1. Please refer to the following table.

*1. Use the PCMCIA slot on cascaded PM5D

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A file created with PM5D Editor in offline mode cannot be loaded into PM5D hardware. What would be the cause?

Check the following points:

- Does your file have an extension ".PM5"?
PM5DV2 Editor can save/load a data in the form of .PM5D, .YSE and YSM. On the other hand, PM5D console can save/load only .PM5 file format. To load your file into PM5D console, save the file in the form of .PM5 using PM5DV2 Editor.

- Did you save your file in the form of .PM5 through "File" menu > "Save session"?
There are 2 types in .PM5 file format. One is a "Session file" that includes all settings data of PM5D. The other is a "Library file" that contains only a specific library category.
A session file can be created through "File"menu >"Save session" on PM5DV2 Editor. A Library file can be created in the Library window. If the particular type of library is changed when you load .PM5 file into the PM5D console, it is possibly created as a "Library file".

- Is the version of the PM5DV2 Editor in which you created the file compatible with PM5D console?
A file saved on newer versions of PM5DV2 Editor cannot be loaded on old console firmware. For details on the combinations that have assured compatibility, please refer to the following page:

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How can I do backup the data for the cascaded DSP5D?

Scenes and mix parameters stored in the cascaded DSP5D can be saved into the PM5D's memory card.

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Is there data compatibility for scene or library between the PM5D and other products?

Although currently PM5D series cannot load a data file created on the other products, "Console File Converter" enables you to convert a M7CL data into PM5D format.

Console File Converter

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I want to copy some specific Scenes, EQ libraries, or Effect libraries from a PM5D console to another. How do I do?

Using PM5DV2 Editor, you can create a Library file (.PM5 file format) that includes only a specific library category. You can load the Library file (.PM5) on the PM5D console, or merge the data with an existing session file on the PM5DV2 Editor.

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On PM5D, I want to use a data that is created on PM5D-RH. How can I reproduce the HA Gain settings on PM5D?

You can download the correspondence table between HA Gain parameter value on PM5D-RH and Gain knob position on PM5D. Please adjust the Gain knob referring to this document.

PM5D and PM5D-RH: HA gain table

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I cannot save/load data on PM5D from/to a memory card. On the other hand, I can read/write it on my PC. What should be the cause?

PM5D supports only FAT16 format. If the memory card is formatted in any other type, please backup all the data in the card and reformat it to FAT16.

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Hardware Specifications

Is it possible to provide redundancy for the PM5D power unit?

Yes. Power supply unit PW800W can obtain redundancy by just connecting two PW800W units using an optional Power Supply Link Cable PSL120.

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I would like to use a PM5D/DSP5D purchased in my country in tour overseas. Are different power line voltages supported?

Power supply unit PW800W as well as DSP5D and DCU5D have Universal Power Supplies, so you can use your PM5D/DSP5D wherever power is provided at 100-240 volts, by using the proper plug.

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What types of memory cards can be used with PM5D?

PCMCIA Type II compliant PC Flash ATA cards, or Compact Flash cards inserted in PC card adapters can be used (both 3.3 and 5 volts are supported for both the above card types).
Please note that supported format is only FAT16.
Other media types are not supported.

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How can I upgrade PM5DV1 to V2?

PM5D Version2 Firmware can be downloaded from Yamaha Pro Audio Site, free of charge. Please refer to the upgrade guide for detail upgrade procedure.

PM5D Upgrade Guide

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How can I initialize the internal memory in PM5D/DSP5D?

You may have to initialize PM5D/DSP5D internal memory when it's required to be restored to its factory preset state, or the password is forgotten with the console locked.

While holding down the SCENE MEMORY [STORE] key of the panel, turn on the power of the PM5D. Then the initialization menu screen will appear. Please execute initialization following the menu.

1. While holding down the rear panel Mode switch, turn on the power.
2. When the four LEDs light on the front panel, release the Mode switch.
3. Press and hold the Mode switch once again for about five seconds. After the LEDs change their lighting state, release the Mode switch.
4. Wait for about 20 seconds to three 3 minutes.
5. Verify that the OUT [TX] LED is blinking and that the other three LEDs light up steadily. Then restart the DSP5D.

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Is it possible to adjust AD gain trim for each analog input port of PM5D-RH?

Yes. It's possible to adjust the AD gain trim for each analog input port in CALIBRATION MENU that can be displayed by turning the power on with the [ENTER] key held down. However, it is basically needless to change the settings because they should be aligned in the factory.

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Is it OK to use lubricant agent or contact cleaner in order to improve the smoothness of the faders?

No. Please do not use oil, grease or some types of cleaners for the faders. Rather, it may make the smoothness worse. In such case, please contact your Yamaha dealer or Service Station.

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Are there any handy shortcut functions?

Controlling PM5D with a combination of multiple buttons and knobs enables you quick access to the following functions.

- Make/Break a pair : Press the channel [SEL] key holding the adjacent channel [SEL] key.
- Mix-Minus : Press the [SEL] key of the input channel holding the [SEL] key of the Mix bus.
- Assign GEQ gain parameters to the DCA faders :  Press  [SHIFT] + [A]-[F] button in the FADER MODE section.

For more shortcuts, please refer to the "PM5D Short-Cut List".

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Installation Case

Having previously been nominated for two Olivier Awards, it was it was third time lucky for sound designer Gareth Owen this month, as he won one of the coveted awards for Sondheim musical Merrily We Roll Along. Gareth’s choice of a Yamaha PM5D digital console for the show proved that his philosophy of ‘the right tools for the right job’ is a recipe for success.

Installation Case

Ten of the Best is a unique ensemble featuring ten of the world’s most renowned trumpet players. Playing a refined crossover of classical, jazz and pop music, Yamaha digital mixing consoles are the ideal accompaniment to their live shows.