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System Examples

A Compact System that Automatically Mixes up to 16 Speech Mics

At conferences or speech events where space for equipment is limited, a compact all-in-one QL console can be a huge advantage. The built-in Dan Dugan Automixer can automatically provide an optimum mix of up to 16 speech microphones. Events can be recorded directly to, and pre-recorded BGM can be played back from a USB flash drive. The StageMix application can provide remote control capability for even greater efficiency and convenience.

A Simple Live System with Daisy-chained l/O Racks

This is an example ofa simple live system that makes use of Dante networking Stage side R-series l/O rack units are connected to the front-of-house QL console via network cables An Aviom personal monitor system can also be connected to the Dante network via an Aviom D800-Dante distributor. This setup even allows multi—track recording to a computer via the Dante network.

QL Console for Monitor Mix and HQ in a Reliable Star Network

In this compact but capable live sound system a CL series console serves front—of—house while a stage side QL console doubles as monitor mixer and I/O device thanks to its Port to Port capability. The Gain Compensation function means that head amp gain can be safely controlled from either console without interference. For maximum system reliability a star network configuration with network switches is used for redundancy, so that a problem in one part ofthe network will not interrupt the overall signal flow, Live recording to multiple computers is also possible.

System Examples: Broadcast

Broadcast applications demand a great deal of the equipment used in terms of features, adaptability, sound, and reliability. More information about "Broadcast".

An RMio64-D is used to supply a MADI feed to an OB van.

The live sound system includes a CL console at front of house and a QL console stage side. In addition to providing the monitor mix, the stage side QL console’s Port to Port feature allows it to function as an I/O device with capabilities comparable to an R series rack unit, thus reducing overall system size and complexity.

The RMio64-D converts the system’s Dante signal to MADI for transmission to the OB van outside the venue. Sample rate conversion built into the RMio64-D effectively resolves word clock synchronization issues.

A Version 3.0 CL or QL console in a surround monitoring system.

Connections to the surround monitor speakers and dedicated cue speaker are made via the console’s OMNI OUT connectors or a Mini-YGDAI expansion slot.

External surround sources are fed to the console via a Mini-YGDAI expansion slot so that sources can be switched and monitored via the console. The surround signals can also be fed to an external surround meter via a Mini-YGDAI slot.

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iPad app

iPad application for controlling and monitoring QL Series mixing console

Installation Case

Intec Systems recently completed major upgrades to the audio systems of two of New Zealand’s largest churches. Both installations were required to be easily re-configured depending on the requirements of each service with Dante providing the ideal connectivity solution.

Installation Case

Sibling-fronted pop/rock band The Dunwells has spent most of 2014 on tour. Dates in the US and a range of UK festivals were followed by the band’s Show Me Emotion UK tour throughout September. Using Yamaha QL5 digital console has made a huge difference to both the band and mix engineer Sean Murphy.