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System Configuration

In a RIVAGE PM7 system the CSD-R7 can be fitted with a TWINLANe or Dante-capable HY card for use with RPio622/RPio222 or Rio3224-D2/Rio1608-D2 I/O racks, respectively. Up to eight RPio622/RPio222 units can be connected to the TWINLANe card, or up to 24 Dante devices, including Rio3224-D2/Rio1608-D2 units, can be connected via a Dante network. TWINLANe and Dante networks can coexist in a RIVAGE PM7 system. All components feature dual built-in power supply modules for failsafe redundancy.

The CS-R10-S Control Surface originally designed for use with the RIVAGE PM10 can also be connected to a RIVAGE PM7 system to serve as a sidecar for fader expansion and/or multi-operator control.

The RIVAGE PM Editor or RIVAGE PM StageMix software application can be linked to the system for online status monitoring. High-resolution multitrack recording of up to 128 input and output tracks at 96 kHz can be accomplished via a Dante network with a Dante Accelerator PCIe card installed on an appropriate computer.

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