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FX Settings

OutPut/Input Category Preset Name Information
Others FX Dly CoolEcho Mono Dly - GREAT ROCK ECHO
Others FX Dly MGP Delay Mono Dly - MGP Delay
Others FX Dly MGP Single Mono Dly - MGP Single Delay
Others FX Dly Spread Gtr Stereo Dly - Short Delay for Gtr
Others FX Ech MGP Karaoke Echo - MGP Karaoke Echo
Others FX Ech MGP Vocal Echo - MGP Vocal Echo
Others FX Paralel Drums Add Crushed Drums to the mix
Others FX Rev Ambience Rev Hall - SPX Ambience
Others FX Rev Bamboo Rm Rev Rm - SPX Bamboo Room
Others FX Rev Bright Hall Rev Hall - SPX Bright Hall
Others FX Rev Bright Vocal Rev Stg - Clear Rev for Vocal
Others FX Rev DrumPlate Rev Plt - DrumPlate 1.8s
Others FX Rev DrumRoom 1.6 Rev Rm - DrumRoom 1.6s
Others FX Rev Echo Room 1 Rev Rm - SPX Echo Room
Others FX Rev Echo Room 2 Rev Rm - SPX Echo Room
Others FX Rev HALL 2.6 Rev Hall - Beautiful Hall
Others FX Rev MGP Hall Rev Hall - MGP Hall
Others FX Rev MGP Plate Rev Plt - MGP Plate
Others FX Rev MGP Room Rev Rm - MGP Room
Others FX Rev MGP Stg Lrg Rev Stg - MGP Large Stage
Others FX Rev MGP Stg Sml Rev Stg - MGP Small Stage
Others FX Rev Old Plate Rev Hall - SPX Old Plate
Others FX Rev Presence Rev Rm - SPX Presence Reverb
Others FX Rev Stone Room Rev Rm - SPX Stone Room
Others FX Rev Thin Plate Rev Plt - SPX Thin Plate
Others FX Rev Vcl Chamber Rev Stg - SPX Vocal Chamber
Others FX MBC Smootherizer MBC - Smooth leveler for BGM
Others FX MBC Para Drums MBC - Parallel Drum Comp
Others FX MBC Med MBC - 8dB leveling for smooth
Others FX MBC Leveler MBC - leveler for various media
Others FX MBC IEM MBC - For ear buds
Others FX MBC Harder MBC - Harder leveler like radio
Others FX MBC Easy MBC - 3dB comp for smooth mix

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