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Name Description OS Last Update
ProVisionaire Control V1.0.0 for Win 10/8.1/7 Win Jan. 22, 2018
ProVisionaire Control KIOSK V1.0.0 for Win 10/8.1/7 Win Jan. 22, 2018

TF Editor

TF Editor

The TF Editor is a standalone application for computers running Windows or Mac operating systems, for both extended online operation and offline setup and editing.

TF StageMix

TF StageMix

iPad application for controlling and monitoring TF Series mixing console.



MonitorMix is an application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that allows individual wireless AUX mixing

Additional QuickPro Presets™ for Audio-Technica

These are New QuickPro Presets for New Microphones ATM230, ATM350U, and so on. These Preset files are not installed in the Latest TF firmware.



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System Design Resources

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