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Setup guide

Yamaha Dante devices with AES67 Guide

This document describes general instructions to connect Yamaha Dante devices with 3rd-party non-Dante AES67 devices.
PDF File [English]

TF Series with Tio1608-D System Setup Guide

This guide introduces the setup procedure for the Yamaha TF Series digital mixing console and Tio1608-D I/O rack, as well as system examples based on the number of Tio1608-D units.

PDF Files: [English], [German], [French], [Spanish], [Portuguese], [Chinese]
e-book: [English], [German], [French], [Spanish], [Portuguese], [Chinese]

TF series Live Recording with Steinberg Nuendo Live

This guide shows how quick and easy it is to achieve a high quality, live multi-track recording using a Yamaha TF series digital mixer, the software of Steinberg Nuendo Live, and a PC.

PDF File: [English]
Live Recording with TF Series and Nuendo Live

Sound Engineer Testimonial

Yamaha TF Series Digital Mixing Consoles – Sound Engineer Testimonial
Russ Long a highly regarded audio engineer, equipment reviewer, and author describes his first experience with the new Yamaha TF5 Digital Mixing Console.
Russ talks about how the intuitive design of TouchFlow Operation™ allowed him to have one of his quickest soundchecks ever. In his testimonial, he describes the benefits of QuickPro™ Presets, GainFinder™, 1-knob EQ™ for vocal, and the multi-touch screen.

TF Series Tutorial Video

Welcom to the TF Tutorial Videos. Andy Cooper is going to talk you through the TF series lineup, and show you the main points that are going to help you achieve more polished and professional results, without having to spend days reading a manual. *English subtitles are available.

1. Introduction
How Yamaha's unrivaled digital mixer heritage has shaped the core concepts of the new TF series.
2. Overview
TF consoles may be compact, but they are overflowing with new features and tech. It's time to find out more!
3. Output Tuning
Find out how TF can make this important but time consuming job easier and faster!
4. Sound Check and Rehearsal
TF has many new features to speed up a sound engineer's workflow. Pick up some tips with this video.
5. Monitor Mixing
Musicians will be impressed with how quickly TF allows them to get a comfortable sound on stage. Find out how in this video.
6. Powerful Processing
Find out how to use the eight effect units of TF to transform a good sound mix into a professional one!
7. Recording and Playback
Stereo or multi-track, recording or playback, virtual sound-check or background music. TF makes it easy.
8. Editors and Apps
TF works with a number of helpful apps: find out how TF Editor, TF StageMix™ and MonitorMix can enhance your workflow, bring freedom and fun to your mix.

TF Series Hints and Tips Video

Once you have watched the Tutorial Video and understood how to use the TF Series, browse through our collection of Hints and Tips videos which show you how to get the most out of TF Series consoles, TF Editor and more. It sure will help increase productivity and your overall mixing experience.

1. Channel Labeling
Here is a useful tip for labeling each channel name. Please have your channel chart spreadsheet ready on your PC.
2. DCA Rollout
Find out how to effectively roll out the DCA channels on TF1 and TF3 (with less channels) by using TF StageMix.
3. Foot Controller
Are mixers supposed to be operated with hands only? By using Yamaha FC5 foot switch, you can also operate TF Series with your (or someone else’s) foot.

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