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Ideal for Monitor Speaker Use

The STAGEPAS 250M and 150M are effective as a monitor speaker system (especially for keyboard players, drummers and solo performers), thanks to its fullrange reproduction, convenient mixing controls, and versatile speaker placement.

* For Keyboard Players
Keyboard players needing a simple, yet exceptionally high-quality keyboard amplifier will find ideal solutions in the STAGEPAS 150M and 250M. These compact, highly portable and easy-to-use systems can serve as your main system for small gigs, or as a sub-mixer for direct connection to the main mixer at large events.

* For Guitarists
The STAGEPAS 150M and 250M are excellent systems for guitarists playing in small venues, since they deliver outstanding sound for the house as well as great monitor sound for the player.

Useful features for keyboard players and other performers

1. Balanced ST SUB OUT

These outputs let you connect additional powered speakers to the STAGEPAS 250M or send the mixer's output to a main mixer or recording device.
2. Click Assign Switches

This convenient feature lets you connect a drum machine, synthesizer or metronome to Channels 7/8 and route a click/metronome or rhythm signal through the mixer for monitoring purposes only. Turning this switch on takes the Channel 7/8 signal out of the ST SUB OUT jacks. A second Click switch lets you route the click signal to the PHONES out for headphones monitoring. Combining with Balanced ST SUB OUT, you will have comprehensive sub mixing system.
3. Stereo Link Out

A dedicated Stereo Link Out jack is provided for connection to optional MSR250 powered speaker-allowing you to easily create a powerful stereo setup for larger venues and greater sound projection.

High-performance 10" 2-way Passive Speaker

The STAGEPAS 250M delivers a remarkably large and powerful sound despite its compact size - thanks to the two-way speaker system and bass reflex design. The STAGEPAS 250M feature a 1" titanium tweeter and employs a 10 woofer. The sound is exceptionally clean, clear and free from break-up, even at high levels.

Versatile 10-channel Stereo Powered Mixer

1. Inputs and Outputs

The built-in yet detachable mixer of the STAGEPAS 250M provides a total of ten input channels: two mono microphone/line inputs and four stereo line inputs. In addition to a speaker output for the supplied speaker, the mixer has balanced line outputs(ST SUB OUT) that can be used to connect additional powered speakers or to send the mixer's output to a main mixer or recording device. It also features a convenient PHONES jack for connecting a set of headphones.
2. Phantom Power for High-performance Condenser Microphones

The STAGEPAS 250 mixer features switchable phantom power for the two mono microphone/line inputs. This lets you use high-performance phantompowered condenser microphones in situations where you want the extended, natural response they provide.
3. Built-in Compression/Limiting

Channels 1 and 2 feature LIMIT/COMP switches that let you apply either limiting or compression to those channels. Limiting is useful in preventing input overload and distortion with sources that suddenly surge in level, while compression can smooth out vocals, bass, guitar and other signals that have widely varying dynamic range, giving those sources added punch and helping them "sit" better in the mix.
4. Built-in EQ and High-quality Digital Reverb

The built-in two-band EQ (independent for each channel) and reverb processing give you tools to customize your sound just the way you want it. Renowned Yamaha SPX reverb technology gives you studio-quality ambience on the road.

250-watt Class D Power Amplifier

This high-power amplifier is capable of filling a relatively large club or room with sound, and can even project well outdoors. The advanced Class-D design delivers exceptional efficiency-ensuring high power amplification with low power consumption and minimal heat generation. This means you get superior sound quality and reliability in a remarkably compact unit.

Detachable Powered Mixer

Fitting neatly inside one of the speaker cabinets, it can be used as is, or detached for convenient placement and easy access.

Optional BMS-10A for Convenient Mic Stand Mounting

The optional BMS-10A Mic Stand Adaptor lets you mount the detachable STAGEPAS mixer unit on a standard straight microphone stand. This allows you to keep the mixer within convenient reach while performing-in even the most cramped and crowded conditions.

Pole Mount Receptacle for Direct Speaker Stand Mounting

The STAGEPAS 250M speaker is directly mountable on 35mm pole with securing thumb screw. It's also designed to be used in a variety of situations, including normal upright and wedge-style floor monitor operation.

Other Features

* MUSIC / SPEECH Switch optimizes the system settings for maximum clarity with speech.
* XLR and phone-jack inputs on mono channels, and phone-jack(+RCA pin-jack on CH9/10) inputs on stereo channels allow connection to a wide range of sources.
* MIC/LINE switches select microphone or line level input matching for channels 1 and 2.
* Auto Limiter prevents overload damage to power amplifier and speakers.
* LED output level meter.
* One Speaker cable supplied.

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