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The Overview display offers a convenient view of the mix parameters for 16 channels or buses at a time. Sends on Fader functionality is also available via the editor's Overview display.

Selected Channel

Similar to the Selected Channel display on the console, this display provides comprehensive access to all parameters for the selected channel. Multiple “Additional Views” for other channels can be opened simultaneously.


Channel linking can quickly and efficiently accomplished on the console itself, but if you need to create channel link or group setups offline, the CL Editor makes the task easy.


The CL Editor Rack display including new Premium Rack is essentially the same as the console display, allowing smooth, intuitive device assignment and editing.


The CL Editor allows convenient data library management, too.


You also have full access to scene functions with the CL Editor, including the focus and recall safe functions that allow exceptional control over the parameters that will be included and excluded when a scene is recalled.

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