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System Example 1. Classroom

This system is suitable for use in classrooms. The MA2030a is used in 4Ω mode to drive two parallel-connected VS6 surface mount speakers (8Ω each) via one channel and two parallel-connected VXC4 ceiling speakers (8Ω each) via the other channel.

System Example 2. Auditorium

This system is suitable for use in lecture halls, conference rooms. An MA2030a is used in 8Ω mode and a PA2030a is used in 4Ω mode, driving a pair of VXS5 surface mount speakers (8Ω each) and four VXC4 ceiling speakers (8Ω each) respectively. Multiple microphones can be connected to the MA2030a, and overall output level in the room can be easily controlled via the front-panel volume knob.

System Example 3. Cafe

This figure shows a system that would be ideal for a café, bar, or restaurant. Both the MA2030a and PA2030a are set to drive 70-volt lines, powering a total of sixteen VXC4 ceiling speakers in two zones via their 3.8W transformer taps. The MA2030a and PA2030a panel controls can be used for independent volume control in their respective zones, while a wall-mounted DCP1V4S control panel allows convenient adjustment of overall volume. Since the MA2030a accepts simultaneous input from audio players and microphones, this simple system can handle basic BGM for normal business as well as announcements and special events.

System Example 4. Restaurant with Bar and Terrace

This figure shows a system that would be ideal for a restaurant with a bar and terrace area. The MA2120 is set to drive 100-volt lines, powering a total of 8 VXS3FT surface mount speakers via their 3.8W transformer taps, as well as 4 VXC3F ceiling speakers. The MA2120 can deliver different sources at different volumes in the respective zone. The PA2030a at 4Ω mode Lo-Z connection drives a total of 4 VXS5 surface mount speakers in parallel, delivering the same BGM at higher level.

System Example 5. Retail Store with Two Floors

This figure shows a system of an apparel store with two floors, requiring different music at different output levels in each floor. The MA2120 is set to drive 100-volt lines, powering a total of 6 VXS5 surface mount speakers for 1st Floor and 8 VXC5F ceiling speakers for 2nd Floor. The additional PA2120 drives a VXS10S subwoofer for each floor, giving more comfortable bass to the music. The DCP1V4S controller panels allows volume control of each floor as well as mic on/off switching for store announcements.

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