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Conference System(ex.Board room)

In addition to utilizing Dugan Automixer (up to 24 channels), speaker zoning by Lo-Z connection of the ceiling speaker is carried out so that the voice of the speaker is distributed to areas other than the seat of the speaker to suppress feedback and clarity of voice Secure. And you can construct a high-quality sound conference system.

Remote Conference System(ex.Conference room)

Utilizing AEC function of MRX7-D, multiple participants in seperate meeting rooms can join a remote teleconference. PA system in a meeting room can be operated via an iPad with ProVisionaire touch.

(In addition, Speech Privacy System in MRX7-D can be utilized if confidential subjects should be avoided from leaking outside of the room.)

Speech Privacy System (ex. Hospital)

MRX7-D Speech Privacy System is useful for the areas such as patient encounter rooms in a health center, pharmacy or bank windows where confidentiality is prefered. MRX7-D can also distribute the BGM in those areas.
With DCP series control panels, you can individually set and adjust the sound of each room.

Dante Audio Networking System (ex. house of worship, theater,)

MRX7-D can mediate rooms via Dante networking, allowing audio to be shared in a variety of ways.
An event taking place in room A can be auditioned in room B and C, and vice versa. For example, questions and answers can be passed back and forth between the rooms.

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ProVisionaire Control

This Windows software based control and display interface creation tool for customized remote control. It allows you to control a wide range of Yamaha PA equipment such as MTX/MRX, XMV, CL/QL/TF and so on.

ProVisionaire Touch

This iPad control and display interface creation tool for customized remote control of Yamaha PA equipment such as MTX/MRX, XMV, TF-RACK and so on.

Wireless DCP

Wireless DCP is an application for Android and Apple iOS devices that provides remote control of Yamaha MTX series Matrix Processors and Yamaha Siginal Processor MRX7-D.

Mini-YGDAI Card Matching

Check Mini-YGDAI Card and host compatibility.