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Portable band PA

A portable PA system consisting of 2 DBR10’s + 2 DXS12’s make a ideal system for acoustic band performance.

Mobile DJ

The combination of 2 DXR10’s + 2 DXS15 ‘s is perfect for mobile DJs playing BGM for a party .

Event DJ

2 DXR15’s + 2 DXS18‘s make a perfect combination for event DJ performances that require hard hitting low-end.

Mid scale band PA

The powerful pairing of DSR215 and DXS18 is best suited for more professional band performances.

Large scale band PA

For large scale band performances, 2 DSR115’s and 2 dual DXS18 ‘s make a perfect solution. 2 DXS18 cabinets on either side of the stage. Cardioid mode will reduce the low rumble on stage for better stage monitoring .

Large scale band PA

When you need serious bass performance, a system comprised of 2 dual DSR115’s and quad DXS18’s is the ultimate setup to deliver powerful bottom end with impressive clarity to a sizeable audience.

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