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Installation Series
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Speakers for Commercial Installations


Application Guide for Yamaha Installation Series Speakers

This application guide shows system design examples of the Yamaha Installation Series Speakers.
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Rigging Guide for Yamaha Installation Series Speakers

This rigging guide has been created to assist the user during the design phase and to promote safe rigging and mounting practices during the installation phase to ensure a successful project.
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System Design Resources

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This free software gives you simulated results of Yamaha speakers for your venue.

Installation Case

The former Kino cinema in Odense has recently begun a new lease of life as the Danish city’s latest and most modern cafe, bar and nightclub. Whether its quiet background music during the week or loud party tunes at weekends, a Yamaha CIS series system serves up the perfect taste in sound.

Installation Case

Messiah Fellowship Church outgrew its existing building in the Vijaywada city of Andhra Pradesh, the church built a brand new facility and features full line Yamaha Professional Audio Integration of IF Series Speakers & PC series Amplifiers.