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General Specification

How many speakers are included in one carton?

A carton of the full-range VXS/VXC models will contain 2 units, a carton for the VXS10S subwoofer models will contain a single unit.

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Are the speakers paintable?

Yes. For details, please refer to the "Speaker system painting guide".

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How can I switch between 70V/100V and Low/High impedance operation?

Each model features a rotary tap selector switch. For VXC models this is found underneath the grill on the baffle plate, for VXS models this is found on the rear panel.

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Is it possible to rotate or remove the Yamaha logo of the VXS/VXC Series?

Yes, rotation and removal of the logo are both possible.

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Is overload protection used in the VXC/VXS Series?

Yes, a PolySwitch is used to protect the drivers.

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What thickness of ceiling board can the VXC Series be installed into?

From 5mm to 35mm. Please note that the attachment mechanism uses a screw type clamp to decrease the installation time.

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Is it possible to attach a safety wire to the VXC Series?

Yes, an eyelet is provided to attach a safety wire (*safety wire is not provided).

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VA Version

What is the difference between VA versions and standard models?

The flammability rating, IP rating and frequency characteristics have been changed to meet EN54-24 requirements. The VA models share the same high quality audio characteristics as the standard models, allowing for dual use in both music reproduction and emergency Voice Alarm applications.

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What Voice Alarm standards do the VXC/VXS VA Series comply with?

Certified to EN54:16:2008. Complies with EN60849:1998 and ISO7240-24

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Special Site

Installation Case

Set high in the spectacular Graubünden Alps, 1600m above sea level, the new InterContinental Davos luxury hotel offers the very best of Swiss hospitality and business facilities. A major Yamaha audio system has been installed to deliver the optimum in sound quality and flexibility.

Installation Case

Opened at the beginning of the year, the Le Platinium bowling and bar complex in Andrézieux, France, is already a major focal point of the community for both young and old. Yamaha CIS series loudspeakers supply the soundtrack.