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Multipurpose Room

System Features

  • A digital matrix processor and digital mixing console provide flexible partitioning capability in this multipurpose room.
  • Overall system routing and processing is handled by a single MTX5-D unit in the amp room.
  • Support speakers are positioned around the room for uniform delivery.
  • Wall-mounted DCP4V4S control panels are provided in both the Room A and Room B areas for convenient volume control and preset selection. Room A additionally features an LS9-16 digital mixing console that can handle live music.
  • The feedback suppressor built into the MTX5-D automatically detects and prevents annoying feedback while at the same time protecting the system’s speakers from feedback damage.
  • The MTX5-D scene memory can store up to 50 complete setups that can be instantly recalled whenever needed, making it easy to switch setups for a variety of applications.
  • The MTX5-D features a built-in priority ducker function that automatically reduces the volume of background music when an announcement is being made.
  • Since the MTX5-D features processing data for Yamaha speaker systems built in, it’s easy to achieve optimum sound and matching while protecting the speakers against overload damage.

Installation and Administration Features

  • Audio communication between the Room B control desk and the amp room is handled by a Dante network using CAT5e cabling that reduces the amount of cabling required while preventing signal degradation during transmission. Cost for changes and repairs to the cabling infrastructure is reduced as well.
  • The VXC6W has a temporary “Anti-Drop tab” attachment feature that allows the installer to quickly position the mount bracket and then use both hands to safely do the final installation.
  • The lower power consumption of Yamaha power amplifiers contributes directly to reduced running cost. Low heat generation is another advantage, resulting in longer life as well as reduced repair and maintenance costs.

* YDIF is a proprietary Yamaha connection protocol that dramatically simplifies installation while allow flexible system expansion.

Products List

(A) CD Player CD-S300RK
(B) iPod or Other MP3/WMA Player  
(C) Digital Mixing Console LS9-16
(D) Dante Interface Card DANTE-MY16-AUD
(E) Matrix Processor MTX3
(F) Matrix Processor MTX5-D
(G) Power Amplifier XMV4280
(H) Power Amplifier XMV4140
(I) Speaker IF2108W
(J) Ceiling Speaker VXC6W
(K) Control Panel DCP4V4S


Rack Diagram

Rack Diagram CAD Files

System Diagram

System Diagram CAD Files

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