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Executive Conference Room: Small

System Features

  • A small conference room system built around a digital mixing engine.
  • Provides conference sound distribution as well as DVD surround playback.
  • The lucidity of touch panel control system interfaces allows smooth, intuitive sound system operation. In addition to sound system control, touch panel systems can be customized to control video, screen positioning, curtains, lighting, and a multitude of other functions from a single, centralized interface.
  • Equalizers, speaker processors, and a multitude of other audio components that can be configured and combined via a computer application give the DME24N the flexibility and scalability to deliver optimum functionality and performance in an extremely wide range of applications.
  • DME24N signal processing routing is all handled by software in the form of “virtual wiring,” so running changes and post-installation system expansion can be easily implemented without the need to install additional equipment or wiring.
  • The DME24N scene memory can store up to 999 complete setups that can be instantly recalled whenever needed, making it easy to switch setups for a variety of applications.
  • The DME24N equalizer component can be an effective tool for increasing clarity and intelligibility.
  • Since the DME24N speaker processor component features processing data for Yamaha speaker systems built in, it’s easy to achieve optimum sound and matching while protecting the speakers against overload damage.

Installation and Administration Features

  • The VXC4W has a temporary “Anti-Drop tab” attachment feature that allows the installer to quickly position the mount bracket and then use both hands to safely do the final installation.
  • The lower power consumption of Yamaha power amplifiers contributes directly to reduced running cost. Low heat generation is another advantage, resulting in longer life as well as reduced repair and maintenance costs.

Products List

(A) CD Player CD-S300RK
(B) iPod or Other MP3/WMA Player  
(C) DVD Player  
(D) Digital Mixing Engine DME24N
(E) AD Card MY8-AD24
(F) Power Amplifier XP3500
(G) Power Amplifier XH200
(H) Speaker IF2205
(I) Subwoofer IS1112
(J) Ceiling Speaker VXC4W


Rack Diagram

Rack Diagram CAD Files

System Diagram

System Diagram CAD Files





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