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Hotel Lobby

System Features

  • This system features a digital matrix processor that also provides zoning capability.
  • Overall system routing and processing is handled by an MTX3 located in the staff room.
  • Different BGM and announcements can be broadcast to four different zones: the lobby, elevator halls and rest rooms, shop, and cocktail/tea lounge.
  • A DCP1V4S control panel at the reception desk allows easy volume adjustment and preset selection.
  • The feedback suppressor built into the MTX3 automatically detects and prevents annoying feedback while at the same time protecting the system’s speakers from feedback damage.
  • The MTX3 equalizer can be an effective tool for increasing clarity and intelligibility.
  • Since the MTX3 features processing data for Yamaha speaker systems built in, it’s easy to achieve optimum sound and matching while protecting the speakers against overload damage.
  • The MTX3 features a built-in priority ducker function that automatically reduces the volume of background music when an announcement is being made.
  • A built-in MP3/WAV file player means that the MTX3 can play background music, scheduled announcements, or chimes, etc., without the need for external playback equipment.
  • The CD-C600RK accepts direct digital input from iPods or iPhones, allowing extended high-quality BGM playback while power for the source is supplied by the CD player unit. Digital music files stored on a USB memory or other type of portable digital music player can be played back as well.

Installation and Administration Features

  • The dedicated brackets supplied with VXS5W speakers can be used for convenient wall or ceiling mounting. A temporary attachment feature allows the installer to quickly position the bracket and then use both hands to safely and securely do the final installation.
  • Refined design and compact, unobtrusive mounting hardware help the VXS5W blend in rather than detracting from the interior décor.
  • The VXC4W has a temporary “Anti-Drop tab” attachment feature that allows the installer to quickly position the mount bracket and then use both hands to safely do the final installation.

* YDIF is a proprietary Yamaha connection protocol that dramatically simplifies installation while allow flexible system expansion.

Products List

(A) CD PlayerCD-C600RK
(B) iPod or Other MP3/WMA Player 
(C) Matrix ProcessorMTX3
(D) Power AmplifierXMV4280
(E) Surface Mount SpeakerVXS5W
(F) Ceiling SpeakerVXC4W
(G) Control PanelDCP1V4S

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