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House of Worship: Small, Digital Console

System Features

  • This system combines a digital matrix processor and digital mixing console.
  • Installation Series speakers feature precisely controlled phase characteristics. Minimal phase interference means consistently high sound quality at any listening point within the speaker’s service area.
  • CDs and other A/V sources can be played back in stereo.
  • The IS1215 subwoofer enhances the low frequencies for added sonic breadth and impact.
  • Four foldback monitors are provided on stage so that speakers and performers in the sanctuary can hear themselves clearly.
  • Overall system routing and processing is handled by a single MTX3 unit in the amp room.
  • The 01V96i digital mixing console is ideally suited to instrumental performances.
  • The feedback suppressor built into the MTX3 automatically detects and prevents annoying feedback while at the same time protecting the system’s speakers from feedback damage.
  • The MTX3 equalizer can be an effective tool for increasing clarity and intelligibility.
  • Since the MTX3 features processing data for Yamaha speaker systems built in, it’s easy to achieve optimum sound and matching while protecting the speakers against overload damage.
  • The 01V96i scene memory can store up to 99 complete console setups that can be instantly recalled whenever needed, making it easy to switch setups for a variety of applications.
  • The 01V96i supports audio streaming, so that with appropriate DAW software installed on a computer, the console and computer can be connected via a single USB cable to allow 16-in/16-out multitrack live recording.

Installation and Administration Features

  • The 01V96i can be rack mounted (13U) with optional rack mounting hardware.

Products List

(A) CD Player CD-S300RK
(B) iPod or Other MP3/WMA Player  
(C) Digital Mixing Console 01V96i
(D) Matrix Processor MTX3
(E) Power Amplifier XP7000
(F) Power Amplifier XP2500
(G) Speaker IF2112
(H) Subwoofer IS1215
(I) Speaker IF2108


Rack Diagram

Rack Diagram CAD Files

System Diagram

System Diagram CAD Files

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