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Corporate Assembly Hall with Partition

System Features

  • This hall can be used in its entirety or partitioned for conferences, seminars, lectures, panel discussions, and other events, with a Dante network for audio communication.
  • The audience seating is served by an L/C/R speaker system capable of stereo playback.
  • Two foldback monitors are provided on stage and two smaller monitors are provided on the podium for presenters.
  • When the entire hall is used either the CL3 digital mixing console in the control room or the LS9-16 digital mixing console in the hall area can be used. When the hall is partitioned the LS9-16 is used for the stage-end division while the CL3 is used for the remaining division.
  • With a 32-input I/O rack on stage or in the wings, microphone and line connections are quick and convenient.
  • The CL3 connects to the I/O rack via a Dante network using CAT5e cabling that makes setup easy while also reducing the amount of cabling required.
  • The I/O rack and LS9-16 digital mixing consoles in the hall can be positioned as required and connected to the nearest of multiple Ethernet ports provided around the hall.
  • Equalizers, speaker processors, and a multitude of other audio components that can be configured and combined via a computer application give the DME64N the flexibility and scalability to deliver optimum functionality and performance in an extremely wide range of applications.
  • The DME64N equalizer component can be an effective tool for increasing clarity and intelligibility.
  • Since the DME64N speaker processor component features processing data for Yamaha speaker systems built in, it’s easy to achieve optimum sound and matching while protecting the speakers against overload damage.
  • The DME64N delay component can be used to precisely compensate for distance delay between speakers for clear, well-defined sound. Proper delay compensation also makes it possible to achieve optimum sound quality and imaging without having to use excessive volume levels.
  • The DME64N Room Combiner component makes it easy to change room partition or division configurations to suit the type of event or number of participants to be accommodated.
  • User access to the LS9-16 can be controlled by using passwords or USB memory authorization keys. This can prevent unwanted setup changes in facilities where the equipment is made available to outside users.

Installation and Administration Features

  • Audio communication between the control room, amp room, and the I/O rack and LS9-16 in the hall is handled by a Dante network via CAT5e cabling that reduces the amount of cabling required while preventing signal degradation during transmission. Cost for changes and repairs to the cabling infrastructure is reduced as well.

Products List

(A) CD Player CD-S300RK
(B) iPod or Other MP3/WMA Player  
(C) Blu-ray Disc Player BD-S667
(D) Digital Mixing Console LS9-16
(E) Dante Interface Card DANTE-MY16-AUD
(F) Digital Mixing Console CL3
(G) Digital Mixing Engine DME64N
(H) DA Card MY8-DA96
(I)Power Amplifier XP5000
(J) Power Amplifier XP2500
(K) Power Amplifier XP3500
(L) Powered Monitor Speaker MS101III
(M) Speaker IF2112
(N) Speaker IF2108
(O) Speaker IF2208
(P) I/O Rack Rio3224-D


Rack Diagram

Rack Diagram CAD Files

System Diagram

System Diagram CAD Files





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