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Training Seminars

These hands-on, personal seminars are offered throughout the world to promote the understanding and effective use of Yamaha professional audio equipment. Anyone can attend. You're welcome whether you're a Yamaha user or are simply interested in digital audio.

Self Training

Not everyone has the time to attend the CA Training Seminars. Our Self Training program allows busy users to learn at their own pace. Self Training is also a great way to prepare for an actual seminar, or review the information after attending. Online movies and technical documents are designed to make learning easy.


Answers to frequently asked questions on product settings, operation and troubleshooting, as well as useful tips for your convenience.

Mini-YGDAI Card Matching Open in new window

Check I/O card and host compatibility

PA Beginners Guide

This guide gives you the basic information of how to set up Sound Reinforcement systems.

Better Sound for Commercial Installations

This series offers information aimed at achieving the best possible sound in commercial installations, from the basics to equipment selection and day-to-day operation.

Audio Quality in Networked Systems

This biweekly series of white paper presents a summary of the most important quality issues in networked audio systems to support system designers and sound engineers in maximizing their system’s Performance and Response, achieving the maximum Audio Quality and Sound Quality.

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