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Types of Speaker Systems

Speaker systems are usually the first choice to be made when planning a sound system. Important points to consider are the size and purpose of the room in which the speaker system is to be used, and the interior design. Let's start by looking at some of the types of speaker systems most commonly used in commercial facilities, and how they are installed.

Speaker Layout and Sound Pressure Level

The speaker layout for any space needs to be planned according to the size, shape, and intended use of the space in order to supply sufficient sound pressure level consistently throughout the listening area. Of course the performance of the speaker systems used is important, but positioning and layout are critical in achieving high-quality sound.

High-impedance and Low-impedance Connections

A major decision that sound professionals must make when choosing power amplifiers is whether a high-impedance or low-impedance speaker system is to be used. This is an aspect of sound installation design that is not widely known, but it is a key consideration when deciding on the type and number of power amplifiers to deploy.

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