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Appendix: Information sources & further reading

note: besides references to scientific publications, this reference list includes references to Wikipedia. Although the information in the Wikipedia lemma’s is not guaranteed to be consistent, it provides a very accessible source of information - with further references at the bottom of each article. As a thank you, the author has made a financial contribution to

references in chapter 1:Audio Quality

1A Quality Quality is free, Phill B. Crosby, ISBN0070145121, McGraw-Hill, Inc.

references in chapter 2: Networked audio systems

references in chapter 4:The human auditory system

4C outer hair cells Auditory neuroscience, Schnupp et al, P73.
Also: (Outer hair cells - acoustic pre-amplifiers)
4D cochlear nerve (anatomy and connections)
4E hair cells Fundamentals of Hearing,m W.A. Yost, p88. also: (hair cell)
4F neurons _nerve (types of neurons)
4G equal loudness contour ISO226
4H Tinitus (pathophysiology)
4I hearing damage directive 2003/10/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 Februari 2003
  ISO1990:1999 can be purchased from ISO.ORG.
4J threshold of pain
4K Kunchur papers Kunchur.pdf
4L echoic memory (Overview)
4M neuron connectivity (connectivity)
4N simplified auditory processing model based on ‘Binaural signal processing’, Jens Blauert & Jonas Braash, Ruhr university, Bochum, Germany. pdf available at
4O Barkhausen, phon, bark Fastl & Zwicker, Psychoacoustics
4P masking Fastl & Zwicker, Psychoacoustics (similar frequencies)
4Q,R sharpness, roughness Fastl & Zwicker, Psychoacoustics
4S localization Auditory neuroscience, Jan Schnupp, chapter 5
4T Haas effect
4U AFC reference needed
4V visual environment Hearing lips and seeing voices, McGurk H., MacDonald J. Nature 264 (1976): p746–p748. pdf available at also:
4R auditory masking (similar frequencies)

references in chapter 5: sampling

5A carbon microphone
5B Victor Orthophonic Victrola
5C Magnetophon
5D Compact Cassette
5G users manual specifications: DMP7
5H users manual specifications: 02R
5I analogue mixer specifications users manual specifications & specifications sheets:
Midas XL4:,
Soundcraft series 5:
5J A/D converter
5K MAC operation–accumulate_operation
5L 6dB per bit Taking the Mystery out of the Infamous Formula, “SNR = 6.02N + 1.76dB,”
5M dither


dynamic range of digital systems users manual specifications & specification sheets
DigiCo SD8:
Avid SC48:
Yamaha M7CL:
5O Nyquist-Shannon–Shannon_sampling_theorem
5P oversampling
5Q speed of electricity
5R analog switch data sheet Datasheet 74HC4053
5S jitter Jitter: specification and assessment in digital audio equipment, Julian Dunn, Cambridge
presentation AES 93rd convention, 1992. Available through
5U sinusoidal jitter audibility Theoretical and Audible Effects of Jitter on Digital Audio Quality, Eric Benjamin and
Benjamin Gammon, Dolby Laboraties inc
presentation AES 105th convention, 1998. Available through
5V noise shaped jitter audibility Detection threshold for distortions due to jitter on digital audio, Kaori Ashihara, Shogo
Kiryu et al, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology - Acoustical
Science and Technology 26, 1 (2005)

references in chapter 6: distribution & DSP

references in chapter 7: level issues

7A AES2 1984 (R2003) available through

references in chapter 8: operational quality issues

references in chapter 9: quality assessment methods

9A audio quality assessment understanding what really matters with audio reproduction and what not’, Ethan Winer, workshop AES 38th convention 2009, available through
9B translation of listening tests measurement and perception of quality in sound systems, G.R. Thurmond,11th AES international convention 1992, available through
9C sighted listening Hearing is believing vs. Believing is Hearing: Blind vs. Sighted Listening Tests, and Other Interesting Things, Floyd E. Toole and Sean E. Olive, Harman International Industries, Inc. international convention 1997, pdf available at

further reading:


The Art of Digital Audio - John Watkinson, ISBN 0-240-51320-7
William A. Yost, Fundamentals of Hearing ISBN 0-12-370473-1
Auditory Neuroscience - Jan Schnupp, Israel Nelken, Andrew King: ISBN 978-0-262-11318-2
Psychoacoustics - Hugo Fastl, Eberhard Zwicker ISBN 987-3-540-23159-2

white papers and technical publications:

an introduction to networked audio systems, Yamaha
networked audio system design with CobraNet, Yamaha
networked audio system design with EtherSound, Yamaha

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