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6. Distribution & DSP issues

6.6 DSP user interfaces

When DSP algorithms are offered to a system’s sound engineer as variable processes (‘colouring tools’ in a natural sound system), the way the sound engineer applies the DSP algorithm is significantly affected by the provided user interface. This means that the Response of a system is affected not only by the system’s audio quality and sound quality, but also by the system’s user interface quality. As with sound quality, this brings up similar quality discussions: individual sound engineers often prefer different user interfaces. Applying the same DSP algorithm with different user interfaces will lead to different sound qualities depending on the user interface preferences of the sound engineer. In many cases where the same DSP algorithms are available in a range of devices with different sizes of user interfaces, sound engineers can improve the response of systems with compact user interfaces by realizing that the DSP algorithm offers the same response as the ones with more elaborate user interfaces.

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