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7. Level issues

7.5 Double A/D-D/A pass signal paths

In digital audio systems, the A/D and D/A converters and their analogue circuits are the main contributors to the system’s noise floor. It makes sense for system designers to make sure that all signal paths flow through only one A/D converter and one D/A converter. If signal paths flow through such an A/D-D/A pass twice, the peak value of the noise floor is doubled, and the RMS level raises with several dB’s. In the migration from analogue to digital live mixing consoles in the past 2 decades, often the connections to the speaker processing equipment remained analogue - even when the analogue processors were replaced by digital versions. In such a case, often the system’s dynamic range can be improved by several dB’s by simply changing the connection between the mixing console and the speaker processors from analogue to digital.

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