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Live Sound

Features you can depend on for unsurpassed control and reliability, plus sound that delivers every show with maximum sonic impact.

Installed Sound

Take commercial spaces to new sonic heights with complete Yamaha installations that offer outstanding quality and reliability from input to output. A comprehensive lineup allows flexible design for a wide range of applications.

House of Worship

With an uncompromising drive for perfection, Yamaha products have set the global standard for reliability and longevity so that your purchase becomes a long term investment that you and your house of worship can count on for years to come.


Broadcast applications demand a great deal of the equipment used in terms of features, adaptability, sound, and reliability. That’s why you’ll find Yamaha professional sound gear in broadcast studios and vehicles around the world.

Post Production / Recording

A leading DAW system, proven digital mixer technology, and outstanding reference monitor speakers come together to satisfy the diverse requirements of today’s demanding production environment.

Musicians PA

The pros use Yamaha high-end gear because of the superior sound, control, and realibility it provides. The affordable gear we make for musicians and portable applications may have fewer features, but comparable sound, reliability, and quality are assured.

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