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Support for Your Sound Installation Designs

A variety of tools that can be valuable for system design are provided here, from technical data sheets to workflow tips and support software.

These videos will guide you through the important but useful tips when using our Commerical Installation Solutions product line.


A brief overview of the Commercial Installation Solutions lineup and features.

MTX Overview

This installment offers a more detailed introduction to the MTX processors, plus some of their useful features and uses.

XMV Overview

This presentation covers basic XMV amplifier operation and some convenient features.

Device Configuration

Basic MTX processor setup procedure using the MTX Editor software, plus system connections.

MA2120 / PA2120 Introduction

The MA/PA Series provides you with a compact, but powerful tool to shape your ideal commercial sound environment.

MA2030a / PA2030a Introduction

A quick look at these compact, convenient, but at the same time remarkably powerful mixing amplifiers for small to mid-size applications.

Quick installation guide for VXC Series (F model)

This video introduces a speedy and safe guide on how to install Yamaha's VXC series (F model) speaker.

Yamaha provides a number of software applications that can facilitate and enhance your system designs as well as simplify the operation of installed systems.

Software and Applications

MTX-MRX Editor MTX-MRX Editor

MTX-MRX Editor is a software application that is dedicated to the setup and management of sound systems built around the MTX and MRX series signal processors.

ProVisionaire Control ProVisionaire Control

Customizable control panel software for Yamaha PA systems.

ProVisionaire Touch ProVisionaire Touch

Customizable Wireless iPad Control for MTX/MRX Systems

Wireless DCP Wireless DCP

Wireless DCP is an application for the Apple iPhone/iPod touch/iPad that provides remote control of Yamaha Matrix Processor MTX Series and Yamaha Signal Processor MRX7-D.

Commercial Installation Solutions Speaker Calculator Commercial Installation Solutions Speaker Calculator

By following only a few steps, you can estimate the required number of speakers in an optimal way for your project.

Y-S³ Y-S³

Yamaha Sound System Simulator is an innovative software program that offers a precise and easy-touse simulation of sound pressure level distribution, frequency characteristics, and other attributes when installing speakers in any type of venue.

This section includes all essential documentation for Commercial Installation Solutions products, from basic technical datasheets to tips on selecting the optimum equipment for your installations.

Product data sheets and A&E Specifications Product tips
Name Description
Remote Control Protocol Specifications This document describes the protocols to remotely control the following products via 3rd party controllers. MTX3, MTX5-D, XMV Series, EXi8, EXo8
VXS/VXC Series Painting Guide Need to match speakers with an interior? This guide provides important instructions for painting your speakers
VXS10S/VXS10ST Satellite Guide SATELLITE connectors on the VXS10S and VX10ST provide the dual advantages of a built-in high-pass filter and a reduction in the number of amplifier channels required.
Name Description
Commercial Installation Solutions All the information you’ll need about our product lineup for commercial applications, from product planning concept to specifications for each product.
MRX7-D brochure The MRX7-D offers outstanding control efficiency and flexibility for a broad spectrum of audio installations.

Essential data for installed sound system design. Follow the links to go to the individual product pages where you’ll find the design data you need.

Speaker data CAD data

Owner’s manuals are your primary source of installation and operation information. The pdf format manuals available in the Yamaha Manual Library not only provide hyperlinked contents and index sections, but keyword search capability as well. Yamaha owner’s manuals are created in-house by a team of specialists. In 1999 Yamaha established the world’s first online manual library that provides access to manuals for current and past products free of charge.


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